Your one small thought can change the world – A Heart touching Story

“I will do that later instead of” – this is the most common answer come in our mind for anything. Whenever any task comes in front us we try first to postpone or put that in declaiming zone. But that is not the solution for all. We have to be active. We have to do all possible things as soon as possible. If we are doing the thing with a timely action the result will always be favorable. This small Heart touching Story makes a lot of sense regards to our topic.

The winter is all about to start. This year the temperature will go down more as compared to previous years. – the news was buzzing in a local Bihar news channel. I was sitting on my leather couch with mom after a hectic day at the office. As in most of part of northern India, in Bihar also temperature goes very down during winter season. People’s daily life also goes slow during this season.

Your one small thought can change the world - A Heart touching Story

This is a story of a day. Since a manager in a company, I need to give extra working hours at the office. Now finally the weekend has arrived. Our office college group has decided to do the party this weekend. That was the Saturday night. After enjoying the party very hard we were returning to home. I went to drop my friend Manish to his room. He was living in the way to my home. As we have reached near to his room, one sad thing comes into my notice. There was a good restaurant near to Manish’s room. The road as not having much traffic in the lazy winter night. As I was observing one poor old man was standing outside the restaurant. Hotel dustbin was outside the hotel where all food wastes are to be thrown. When I see, that poor old man was finding something from that dustbin keeping the dirty bag on his slanting shoulder. This man must be hungry.

When I was busy watching that old man I found my hand was pulled by someone. I looked back, that was Manish. He was wanted me to come inside his room. He was still in the party mood so as I was. He forced me to stay in his room for tonight. I acknowledged at home about my night stay at Manish’s room. My sleep was broken by some people noise. We didn’t recognize when we sleep at night. I found some people we talking outside. There was a big rush out there.

I walk down the bed with half opened eyes. I could the scene from the room window. There were many people standing near that restaurant. When I check there that old man was on the floor unconsciously. That was the same old man who had come into my notice last night. As before I could think anything about the situation happened, someone from the crowd speaks, ‘Oh Ram chacha is no more! He has died because of starving.’ That words hit in my mind. Oh my goodness! What happened! That is really sad to hear.

I went back to Manish’s room. But that incident makes my heart full with grief. I felt really guilty about that. I discussed the same with Manish. How much gap is there in the life of people living in the same part of the earth? I had a big party at a five-star hotel last night with friends. We have spent about twenty thousand on food and drinks. And that poor man died by simple one time meal. I have wasted too much money. So many people can have a touch full meal from that twenty thousand rupees.

My emotional nerve was active. What if I had given him food packet when he was searching for food. If I would have done this, I was able to save one person life today. I was feeling that if I will spend that money to real needy people of our society then how many lives can be saved and I can be the reason behind that good cause. Manish also agreed on my point of view. We have decided not to waste food ever. In added to that, instead of wasting money at the big hotel for a single meal I will offer a meal to poor people. That will be the real help of our society.

Your one small thought can change the world - A Heart touching Story
Image Credit-: wikimedia

We have taken a decision for good cause in our society. If we will be able to save a single person that will be the big help to the humanity. Today in our society there is a lack of humanity is shown by people. People are becoming more self-concentrated and selfish. At that point time, we need to burn the light of humanity. We need to end up this gap between poor and very rich people. Which is quite in seen nowadays? Many rich people spending money life water. If,  the water is also precious these days then what to say about the money. Our little help in the form of money or basic life needs can save people life, and then these can be implementable.

At last, we can say that good idea will become better if we will implement that. If, we will work on that on the priority basis. Otherwise, that is none of the use. Every idea has a way to implement. The most important thing is to do it as soon as possible. If we will delay in that might many opportunities might get skipped by us. God has given us wonderful human life to help needy people. Every human has god inside them. We just need to see it and help as much as we can.

By putting smile on a crying face
A smile blooms on my face too
By giving shelter to a tired traveler
The tiredness of my mind disappears too
By giving water to a thirsty man
Desires of my heart are fulfilled
By bringing happiness in others life
The pitcher of my happiness is filled

By Monika Jain ‘Panchi’

Above stanza also speaks the same about our story. If we are helping them when they are in need that the real happiness moment in life. if we are able to make their daily life little bit comfortable then we should go for that. a little thing will make the great difference in their life. and we are expecting nothing in return, real unconditional gratitude to our society. Let we all people give as much as we can in return to society and live a soul-satisfying life.