Top 10 Fashion Trends for Winter

As winter is round the corner, you should be looking at the latest fashion trends to make sure you wear something that is in keeping with the times. A new season does not have to mean a complete wardrobe overhaul; however, it is also the right time to see which item in your closet offers you the satisfaction you are looking for. You may be someone who prefers high knee boots or a bucket hat; or you could be fond of a floor-sweeping coat or an elegant cape.

2019 winter is expected to be the season of contrasts; while on the one hand, designers are trying to emulate the lavishness of the bourgeoisie, on the other, you cannot miss the punk spirit in the air. Armed with the latest Nautica coupons, you can hope to shop for the latest in winter fashion for discounted prices. Here are some of the leading fashion trends for this winter -:

So Here is the list of Top 10 Fashion Trends for Winter

1. Investment Tailoring

Investment Tailoring

Most shoppers are found to be taking to this trend because they believe that tailored pieces are long-lasting. The idea of a “forever wardrobe” is becoming popular and people want to invest in pairs of woolen trousers, cashmere knits, classic white shirts, etc. Buyers feel that this investment in tailored clothes will last them through spring and summer months.

2. Punk Spirit

Punk Spirit

This trend is fast catching on and the wearer is typically someone who is rebellious and inspired; she will be sporting boxy, androgynous designs accompanied with style-tricks of grunge, punk and bondage, defying traditions.

3. Urban Cowgirl

Urban Cowgirl

Another noticeable trend this winter is that of the “urban cowgirl” where buyers will be looking at layering through southwestern-inspired apparel such as western-inspired boots, rancher-styled hats and oversized belts with buckles.

4. Capes


Capes are all set to dominate the market this winter because they are perfect for those keen to blend classic with modern styles. Capes can make for both casual and formal evening wear, and fashion runways from Celine to Miu Miu are showcasing them.

5. Neon


Neon has been lighting up the runways throughout the year and winters are no exception. This draws inspiration from the rave culture of the eighties and when you flaunt neon, you are bound to turn heads. Neon will invariably shock people and force them to react.

6. Fairytale Details

Fairytale Details

Puff-sleeve blouses and high necks are perfect for the romantics and designers are now focusing on fairytale detailing for their couture. They are drawing references from popular fairy tales that focus on detailed embroidery and tulle dresses.

7. Statement Coats

Statement Coats

Instead of the long black coat that you wear so often in winters, invest in a statement coat. Animal prints are likely to make a comeback as they are perfect for styling with muted looks. Floor-length coats in vibrant shades going to rock the runways and the key to wearing these are layering them over feminine attire like skirts and dresses. They serve two purposes of utility and drama; both Balenciaga and Altuzarra are showcasing eye-catchy ankle grazers. The ideal finishing touch to this look for the winter would be a gold chain-link necklace.

8. Novelty Knits

Novelty Knits

The 2019 winter is a time to experiment with vibrant colors, fringes and v-shaped shoulders when it comes to sweaters. Earlier, it was typically a white or black turtleneck, but now designers are coming up with new ideas, making this staple look passé. For instance, intarsia knits and printed mesh add graphic touch to any simple look.

9. Tonal Dressing

Tonal Dressing

You can use this trend to use warm and tonal shades from top to bottom. You must match the sweater to your skirt and boots; so, the overall effect is quite chic and elegant. The monochromatic look and prints such as heritage checks are set to make a re-entry.

10. Climate change

Climate change

This year the runways were dominated by designs that have taken comfort wear to extremes, in keeping with the imminent climate crisis. So, you will find hybrid creations and voluminous quilted jackets making a splash this winter.