When 3 year kid fall in love with Hollywood superstar- Mila

Kids are god gifted. When we look back our childhood, we miss that golden days and regret that, I missed this, and I missed that. Truly childhood is golden day in everyone life. Meet a 3 year kid mila. So innocent and so cutieee. She is love with someone. And that someone is not a common man. Does u know who is he? Checkout below.. 🙂

When 3 year kid fall in love with Hollywood superstar   A small 3 years old kid Mila is madly in love with someone. And the someone is “Adam Levine”. Yes..That’s Adam Levine who is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actor. He is the lead vocalist for the Los Angeles pop rock band Maroon 5.   When her mother gave her the news of Adam’s marriage she was filled with tears. She yet believes that Adam isn’t married and would want to marry him and will wait till she gets older. Ellen gifts her outfit which has Adam’s pictures pasted all over. Ellen surprises her by inviting Adam on the show. Ellen had sent a video of Mila which he found heartbreaking and unbelievably cute.     Adam greets Mila with a cute pink rose and hugs her. Mila meets her love of her life. The little girl seems overwhelmed at the prospect of meeting her crush. Mila got a little shy around her crush, preferring to stay close to her mom for the rest of the segment. This video will show you cute meet of a little 3 year old kid Mila and Adam Levine.   Checkout this Crazy Video
Video Credit TheEllenShow
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