Watch Real Magic by Indian Magician kid

Do you know what black magic is? Black magic is concepts that show supernatural powers for evil and selfish purposes. Is it exits not, still a big question.

When we saw some strange act such as cut a human into two pieces and human are still alive just like this video.
Or some time you will see that girl is stand horizontally in air without any support and you can pass the ring throughout Just like this awesome video.


Watch Real Magic by Adorable Indian kids

Watching a magician perform may look elegant on stage, but there is much more to it. In India, we have many magicians who perform on streets for their living and for the expenses of their family. This poor Indian kid has performed amazing and incredible street magic show.


He performs a magic where he inserts a 2 rs. coin in his left ear and removes it from his right ear. There are many such talented magicians in India. But when you see this kid’s performance . you will be amazed that he doesn’t have much infrastrastructure nor other members support but still he done a good job.


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Video credit-: movie hungama