Learn How Video Ads and GIF Can Increase Your Web Traffic

Video Ad Format
Video Ad Format and GIF

When you use Instagram for your social media campaign and want to increase the traffic to it when considering the video ad format and GIF will serve your purpose more than you can think of. However, there are other important factors to consider as well that can be equally helpful for that matter. It all depends on how engaging and appealing your site is.

Here is a list of factors to consider and tips to follow to ensure your site, posts, contents, pictures, and videos are liked by one and all. On the whole, this is the key to have an increased traffic.

Video subtitles and closed captions

video subtitles

As you may have noticed that across all types of platforms, use of video is prominent and is increasingly dominating the digital landscape and online space. Audio, on the other hand, is now the poor cousin which is incorporated in the video for sure but the majority of the users prefer not to enable sound while viewing a video.

This is the primary reason that marketers feel that subtitles are essential to enable core message delivery. Appearing on-screen alongside the visuals enables the viewer to know what is being said without having to tolerate the annoying tone and twang of the speaker.

According to Facebook research, average video time has increased by as much as 12% when it is a captioning video. It also boosts messaging effectiveness by a massive 82% as compared to the 18% success rate of zero captions and with sound videos.

As a word of caution make sure that you check for any captioning errors especially if you use the auto-captioning feature offered by Facebook and others. The best way is to create your own video dedicated captioning file, provided you know how to add closed captions.

You can also take help of the video ad formats for your added advantage because about 75% of Instagram users are reported to take actions such as searching and visiting sites and telling a friend only if they are influenced by the post.

The list of considerations

The list
The list of considerations

To engage more traffic and audience to your site there are a few other considerations as well.

  • To start with, mastering the range of advertisement formats of the platform is essential. Though you will find that the photo ads still remains a stalwart of the platform, the video formats are fast gaining popularity as well so much so that it has become an increasingly precious tool for targeting any selected audience. Choose from single video ads format if you want to create a 60-second commercial or use ‘carousels’ for more messages for the followers to swipe across. If you want a vertical full-screen format use Instagram Stories as that will enable you to splice images and videos together resulting in more visually-arresting ads.
  • GIFs
  • GIFs are also more useful now as compared to the PNG and JPEG formats of the olden days. Research shows that more people watch those videos to the end that are 15 seconds or less in duration. That means is it mandatory for you to know how to create and post a GIF to ensure that you have more Instagram followersto your site. GIF formats are more appealing than simple photos and are shared and liked more by the followers. Moreover, these are more cost and time effective than creating any videos. To create your own riff on the GIF use Boomerang to record a short sequence of skills and combine them to loop these stills backward and forward. This tool will produce some excellent results and increase traffic and engagement.
  • You can even divert traffic from one site to another using single clickable link in your profile bio. You can even maximize the potential of clicks on your link using special offers, promotions, the inclusion of a strong call to actionwith the URL in the text overlay on an image or video. You may even partner with an influencer to promote your URL through their own content. However, you will have to view all relevant traffic stats and deploy the right analytics software to drive traffic to your website.
  • Create and use an SEO strategy since you are using social media which is perhaps the most competitive platform. When you have this in place there are two key areas such as the account handle and account name will be affected to increase more traffic. The ‘@’ name in your registration will clearly reflect the sector in which your involved and identify the content of your posts. As for your account name that appears under your profile picture it will be checked for searches against when the users use words or emojis. Therefore, always rely on creating SEO-friendly handles and names to increase engagement and optimize web traffic.
  • Using filters that are available in an extensive range to marketers can also prove to be a boon for your site. It will give the videos and images a distinct look which is the prime necessary for this visually driven platform. If you use these consistently it will give a separate identity to your brand as well as your site. Popular filters like Mayfair will add a warm pink tone and a black border and at the same time will brighten the center of the photo making it more attractive among the rest.
  • You can also use the wealth of third-party apps to create engaging captions or to edit photos. Apart from Pic Stitch chances are high that you will also get an iOS or Android download as well that will to help you to plug any knowledge gaps. 

Lastly, an influencer can help you to create brand authenticity and also help you to convert users into email subscribers. Email is the de facto channel for building customer relations which you can easily establish in three easy steps such as creating a clickable incentive, inserting a strong call to action in the landing page, and creating a mailing list. All these will help you to promote your channel on other social accounts to increase traffic.