TOP 10 Sites To Watch Tamil Movies Online Free

Due to their great story line the online demand of the Tamil movies has increased a lot. There are a lot of sites that offer you movies in HD quality for free. Fulfilling your desire to watch some of the great Tamil movies. In this article we have listed below the sites to watch Tamil Movies Online free.

One is always eveready to watch these Tamil movies online if they can and imagine getting a hold of them for free.

Many of the sites that we will be mentioning might need you to download VPN. VPN will allow you to stream movies without any disturbance. Most of the website links will be mentioned below by us for your utmost convenience. Most of  the websites showcased will open up very conveniently and not be a trouble.

Best Sites To Watch Tamil Movies Online Free

1. Bolly2Tolly

Watch Tamil Movies Online Free at Bolly2Tolly

This is one of the popular websites to watch Tamil Movies Online Free. The website not only provides movies in Tamil language but you will also realise on visiting the website that the website showcases and features movies in languages like English, Hindi, Telugu and many more.

All the videos that are available on this website is in High definition. One can even  download these movies for free and kept them for later use.

2. Online Movie Watch

Online Movie Watch

This is another best website to Watch Tamil Movies Online Free. The website will provide you with different language options like Hindi English Telugu and Tamil etc.

When it comes to the graphics and visuals one can see that the site has very simple design and can be navigated easily. All the movies are categories which can be easily searched.

The website comes across as a great option for downloading recent released Tamil movies. And also comes with many features that other websites fail to provide.

3. Tamil Rasigan

watch latest tamil movies at Tamil Rasigan

The name of the site itself doesn’t need any introduction of it being a website to watch Tamil Movies Online Free as it is in the very name of it i.e, Tamil Rasigan.

The site not only provides Tamil movies but also movies from different languages and regions. Also the site provides you with the trailers of the upcoming movies that have not yet been released.

The best feature about the site is, it provides the multiplayer option so when one of your internet is not working really fine you can stream with another device by switching to another player.

4. BoxTv – movies in Tamil

Watch Tamil Movies Online Free at BoxTv

This website also allows you to download as well as to watch Tamil Movies Online Free as you please. It is a well-known fact that this website is one of the largest websites to have stored a great database on Tamil movies.
One of the disadvantage of this website is there is no custom filter available in the website. The website allows you to download movies offline in your hard drive so you can watch the movies according to your convenience.

5. Streaming online on Zee5

Streaming online on Zee5 -

Zee5 is a very big part of the entertainment group popularly known as Zee. Due to its vast connectivity of shows as well as movies you can very easily get hold of Tamil movies in a great video quality on the zee5 website present online.

The website has a great deal of language sections that it deals with and one of it happens to be Tamil. Thus making a website in the series of best websites for watching free Tamil movies.

6. YouTube

Watch latest tamil movies on youtube

When the name YouTube comes in, we do not have to really introduce it to you. Everyone knows how well the website works. It has gained a name and has maintained it till date. A lot of streaming of videos in different languages can be seen on YouTube and one of it being Tamil movies.

YouTube has every quality of video That seems fit for you be it HD, SD or even low quality videos for not letting you sacrifice all your data over a movie.
There is no sign up necessary for you to watch our Tamil movie on YouTube. Just a simple search and voila the movie pops up!

7. Gofilms4u Watch Tamil

Gofilms4u Watch Tamil

Gofilms4u is another website that is referred by a lot of people on the internet to watch Tamil movies online for free.
This site also manages to provide you the option of streaming and downloading movies without even registering to their website. Isn’t that awesome?!

8. Online Movies Gold

Online Movies Gold

Here comes another streaming website that you can stream on for free and watch your favourite Tamil movies and the recent releases on the internet.

This site not only gives you the pleasure of watching your favourite Tamil movies but is also very well known for providing free movies from languages like English, Hindi and Telugu etc.

9. Hotstar tamil movies

hotstar tamil movies

Who is not aware of the fact that hotstar not only offers you with premium content but also provides you with some free of cost content.

One of the free online content provided by hotstar is a lot of Tamil movies for the Tamil movie fans out there! The site provides an interface which is very friendly for being used by a user. Even a noob will know how to work it out.

10. Available Tamil section on Hungama

Available Tamil section on Hungama

Everyone is aware of the fact that Hungama is a one of the integral parts of Disney. This site might have its downside because though it manages to provide great online Tamil movies, it fails to provide them for free.

You are supposed to subscribe to the site for some monthly membership by paying bucks. The part that makes it a preference for this article is, it provides you with a lot of great quality videos and movies.


Every aspect well looked at and on basis of a thorough understanding of each and above mentioned the conclusions one can come to are:

The above mentioned sites are the Best 10 Sites To Watch Tamil Movies Online Free. They provide you with some great features that are not found in many sites out there.

You get content that is structured and arranged in a proper manner. Unlike many other websites, these Best 10 Sites To Watch Tamil Movies Online Free are much more user-friendly.