Top 10 All Time best interview question

Fresher Or Experienced ? Get some great tricks for you next interview. Most qualified and even the smartest people searching for job need to prepare for their interview. There are no second chances in interview. So preparing well in advance and practicing the skills can land you in a great job.So here are some well prepared and smart techniques to tackle some really tricky questions

  • Interview Question – 1. Why you consider yourself perfect for the post?

    Interview Question Why you consider yourself perfect

    In response to this question, don’t respond aggressively.

    tell about the skills that are required for the post.
    tell that you have good knowledge about that skill(if you actually have, don’t try to bluff).

  • Interview Question 2. What satisfaction do you get through professional life?

    Interview Question 2

    The answer to this question is not specific, however the aim of each person in professional life is different.
    So the satisfaction level will be also different. Although maximum candidates get confused and loose their self-confidence.
    In this scenario, Be prepared with a specific answer which really follows for you.

  • Q3. Why are you changing your job?

    Interview Question 3 - Why are you changing your job

    Million Dollar Question “What is the reason you are leaving your current employer” its always a tricky task to tell a wise answer. I’m bored with my work, not having a good rapport with my boss and I’m leaving my old job for more money.
    Often we speak of these things in response to this questions, but it is the wrong way to answer them. According to experts, in this place you must say you like new challenges, I’m looking for a new challenge. So I wan’t this job.

  • Q4. If you get this job what would you do?

    Do not respond in haste. First, let’s understand the company. Your answer should be genuine and full of commitment.
    You already know what the company wants to make. Indeed, the question is asked to find out whether the candidate really wants the job or not.
    If the candidate thinks for a while and then answers the question the interviewer knows that the candidate is interested.

  • Q5. Explain the reasons due to which we should select you?

    These types of questions are asked to confuse the candidate.
    While answering the question don’t mention about your weaknesses, instead
    you should tell because of the salary expectations you should not hire me.

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  • Q6. What are these things because of which you came to this profession?

    Often people think that the answer should be such that which will get them a job.
    Many times people get caught in such situation and they start to lie.
    According to experts, the answer must be sincerely and honestly said because the interviewer want to know about the candidate that
    whether he is honest and clear about his goals.

  • Q7. Explain 5 Strengths about you?

    This question may seem very easy to listen to you, but though it shows your personality.
    Better if you do not answer this question, it shows that you can not manage things correctly.
    In fact, hardly anyone knows about 5 features, but it is just so that he can test how the candidate would present himself.
    The better you explain, the more chances that candidate will be selected.

  • Q8. Give an instance in which you may disagree with your manager?

    The answer to this question is bit tricky.
    The answer to this question shows the interviewer about your courage.
    Do not answer such twisting question because the interviewer will know immediately that you are not telling the truth. So it is better illustrate and explain the genuine answer with examples.

  • Q9. Which companies you are giving interviews addition to our interview ?

    Through this question the interviewer try to find is that you are interested in the post you are applying for. If the candidate apply for the same post in different companies also then this means you want to take that position that you are interested in that position.

  • Q10. Explain 3 Habits that are disliked by your teammates?

    This question is a bit difficult because through this interviewer wants to know your weakness. The idea is also to know that your colleagues need a change in behavior. In response to this question,do not tell relating to the profession because it indicates vulnerability, but instead tell about your habits.