Top 10 Best dancers in Hollywood History

Dance is not just a simple word; it is an art. Some found it crazy. For some its passion. People always love to dance or like to watch dance. For some, dance is an achievement. They make it their life. There are some dancers also who rule the dancing world. Let’s know about some of the best dancers in Hollywood:

1. Channing Tatum

hollywood dancer Channing Tatum

Channing Matthew Tatum is one of the American actors who is also one of the best dancers in Hollywood. He was the first cast in a music video “She Bangs” by Ricky Martin as a dancer in Florida. For the job, he was paid $400. He also worked as a male stripper in “Magic Mike” a film directed by Steven Soderbergh.

He married his step-up co-actress Jenna Dewan in July 2019. When he was spotted by a female casting agent for the music video “She bangs”, he found the ladder to success. He was found to be a part of a Chippendales exotic dancer.

2. Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth
Rita Hayworth born as Margarita Carmen Cansino was an American actress as well as a singer. In 1940 she was considered to be one of the best stars of the era who had appeared in more than 61 movies in over 37 years. The press considered her as “The Love Goddess”. At that time, she was one of the most glamorous icons. In the 2nd world war, she was the top pin-up girl for GLS. She started her career in 1931.

Fred Astaire was her favorite dance partner.  She started her dancing career when she was only 12 years old. She earned the most in the Technicolor musical cover girl who was released in 1944. She died in 1987 at the age of 67 years.

3. Eleanor Powell

During the “Golden Age Of Hollywood” Eleanor Powell (Eleanor Torrey Powell)  was called as one of the top dancing stars of Metro Goldwyn Mayer. In a series of music videos such as Born to dance, Rosalie and Melody of 1938. In the dance masters of America, she earned the title “World’s greatest tap dancer”.

In 1935 she appeared in her first Hollywood movie “1935 Scandals” by George White. Initially, she refused to accept the contract of MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayer). After fulfilling her salary demands, she agreed and allowed the proposal.

4. Cyd Charisse

Born as Tula Ellice Charisse, She was professionally called as Cyd Charisse. She was an actress and a dancer as well. She made her debut with the first movie in the year 1940. She stopped dancing in movies in 1950 and back in television shows in 1992. She earned the national title Medal of the arts and Humanities. She is still considered one of the best dancers in Hollywood.

She also acted in adult films such as Escort girl in 1941 and warner bros The Gay Parisian in 1942.

5. James Cagney

James Francis Cagney Jr. born on 19th July 1899 was one of the best dancers of Hollywood at that time. His performance was very energetic. His vocals are unique. His first danced in the stage show Every Sailor. At that time, only he knew only one dance step.

He also tried in movies. He also acted in many movies, but it didn’t go well. He was placed in 8th position by the American Film Institute as the most excellent male star of Golden Age of Hollywood.

6. George Chakiris

George sang his first song in 1947 at the age of 12 in the chorus of Song of Love. He was known for his acting in the movie West side story as Bernardo. For that movie, he won the title the “Academy Award for the best supporting actor” and also won the “Golden Award for Best Supporting Actor- motion picture”.

He was born in Ohio and born to parents who were immigrants of Greece. He was also one of the dancers in Marilyn Monroe’s “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, “a girl break” and more.

He was a pure vegetarian and also presented a musical representation about that in 2012. The song was listed as “Loving the silent tears”.

He also worked for MGM’s musical movie Brigadoon and Business like show business. Both the movies were out in 1954. He also appeared in White Christmas in 1954 as a dancer.

7. Grover Dale

Dale was born on 22nd July 1935. He was an outstanding dancer as well as an actor, choreographer, and director. He debuted in Li’l Abner in 1956 as a dancer. He also worked in West Side story as snow boy.

He debuted in his first movie as Jam in the movie  “The Unsinkable Molly Brown”.

His website is goals to empower dancers and also choreographers to grow.

8. Russ Tamblyn

Rass was an extremely talented guy and agile. He was born in Los Angeles on 30th December 1934. He was groomed very early for the stardom. His parents were also actors. He was also performed in radios and also did many podcasts.

He started his career at the age of 10 only. He was also awarded Best Supporting Actor for the drama Peyton Place in 1957. He also cast in hit movies like High school confidential and Tom Thumb. Both movies are a serious hit in the year 1958. He also wrote an autobiography titled “Dancing on the Edge”.

9. Donald O’Conner

The awesome American actor and dancer was born as Donald David Dixon Ronald O’Conner in Los Angeles on 28th August 1925. He has conferred the place of the best dancer in Hollywood for his work in the movie “Singing in the Rain”. He was also awarded Golden Globe award for the work in the following movie.

He also received two stars In the Hollywood walk of fame. He started working in Universal pictures in 1941 for $200 per week.

10. Gene Kelly

Born as Eugene Curran Kelly, he was mainly famous for his dance and acting skills. He was also a film producer as well as a director. For his attractive face, he was famous among youngsters at that time. He was famous for movies like An American in Paris(1951) and Anchors Aweigh (1945). He married three times. He supported the democratic party.

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