Top 10 best Apps for Productivity which Help in Daily uses

Today there are many apps for productivity that can help with everything from staying focused and eliminating distractions to time management. When choosing apps, it is important to look at the ease of use, features, price and integration with other apps or services, such as teamwork tools or financial tools.

With tracking, apps can show you how you have performed and motivate you to work smarter. Here are ten apps that can make a difference to your productivity.

1. Sanebox


SaneBox, is the  1st app for productivity in my list. which will help you to improve the management of your email account. It uses AI to go through your email on the backend and figure out which messages are most important. Others are moved to a Sanelater folder. How does it figure out what’s important? It looks at various details, such as whether people are in your address book.

You can teach it by giving feedback and over time, it gets smarter about deciding who and what is important to you. You can also schedule breaks from a new email with Do Not Disturb as well as track and get notified when someone has not replied to you. The basic plan costs $7 a month.

2. PomoDoneApp


PomoDoneAppis based on the Pomodoro Technique, which breaks a day up into 25-minute focus sessions with five-minute breaks in between. After four working time blocks, you can take a longer break of about 20 minutes.

As per experts from college paper writing services, you can easily integrate this app with other task management tools such as Trello or Asana. Add tasks, adjust the length of sessions and breaks and get straight to managing time better. Extensive reporting options allow for the filtering of data and the ability to share logs with others. There is a free starter plan for this app.

3. Todoist (one of the daily uses Apps for Productivity)


Todoist is an advanced Productivity Apps that has great features to monitor productivity and enables you to organize all your tasks. It gives a daily and weekly overview of the work you need to do, appointments you have, or whatever else you choose to track.

If you are working with other people and you want them to help you with tasks, you can delegate to them. With a free account, you can collaborate with up to five people per project and manage up to 80 projects. The premium price is $36 a year and it has a business-grade tier of service too.

4. is another amazing app for organizing meetings. It enables anyone to host a meeting in a click or two or to join one by entering a code in a web browser. And Don’t Worry, there is absolutely no need to download or install this. You can schedule and record meetings with ease. Audio support enables participants to call in or to use their own microphone and speakers.

It is possible to broadcast and share a screen with others. Extras include personalized meeting links, plugins to schedule and start meetings directly from Office or Chrome and apps that ensure anyone can take part from anywhere.
So, what you thought ? isn’t,  this is great app for productivity ?

5. Lightpad


Lightpad is a calendar for visual thinkers. It moves away from the flat, grid-based layout and instead, you see a spiraling staircase type layout. You can understand at a glance how close or far away certain events/tasks/goals are on a timescale.

As per a project management expert for best writing services, this helps you to manage your priorities. Use tags to organize content, each with its own color scheme. This calendar provides an aesthetically pleasing and visually creative way to view the future. There is a free plan available as well as others that cost from $5 to $20 monthly.

6. Due

Due is essentially a reminders app. If you are someone who constantly forgets birthdays or other important events, it allows you to set important due dates and reminders in your schedule. Until you mark a task or event as complete or reschedule it, the auto snooze will repeatedly remind you.

If there is a change of plans, you can edit a reminder on the fly. Another great feature is the ability to send reminders to friends or colleagues. The cost is $6.99 a month.

7. Forest

Forest is an app that will motivate you to put down your phone and stay focused on your task. You plant a seed when you get ready to work and set a timer. If you stick to your task, the tree will grow. If you exit the app, your tree dies.

If you stay focused on a daily basis, you can ensure you always stay focused and create a lush forest. Creators of the app partner with Trees of the Future to plant actual trees. When users spend virtual coins they earn in Forest, the company donates these and this creates planting orders for trees. The cost of the app is $1.99.

8. 1Password

1Password best Apps for Productivity

1Password will save time when you’re trying to remember your passwords. Store your logins to apps, websites, credit cards, bank accounts and more with a single Master Password to protect all the information. With encryption keys on your phone, you are the only one that will ever see your password. Users with newer models of the iPhone will experience how the app works with FaceID. The app has a 30-day free trial and a monthly subscription costs $3.99 but save time alota and saving times means more productivity.

9. Screens

Screens is a free app that lets people work together as though they are in the same room. The remote desktop tool enables co-workers to have control of a single computer and chat through video or voice.

It has a drawing tool that allows people to quickly draw on the shared screen to better communicate an idea or highlight something. You can create one-off or recurring meetings and the tool integrates with Google Calendar.

10. Liquid Text

Liquid Text is a powerful tool for working on documents. It is possible to highlight snippets of text or images, drop them into a pinboard and return to the source with a tap. Annotate right on a document or make notes on the side and connect them to snippets of a document by drawing connecting lines.

Link together ideas for easy reference and pull up excerpts or compare pages of different documents. The tool was only available on iPad but is now available on Macs and Windows PCs too. LiquidText is free to download and a $9.99 a month upgrade will unlock more features.

A final word

If you want to get more done, finding the best apps for productivity should be right at the very top of your to-do list. From ways to manage your time and your email account to scheduling meetings and editing documents, using some of the above apps will help you to manage your daily tasks and boost your productivity.