Top 10 ac remote control app for android free download

Getting best IR universal remote apps for android has become easy. But knowing for which one should go for is difficult a bit? Well, when one has IR universal remote app one will be able in controlling their TV to the Projector. This introduces endless opportunities and possibility; this is in your service. Here is a list full of suggestion for ac remote control app for android free download users that too free.

Here is the list for Top 10 ac remote control app for android free download

1. Google Home

op 10 ac remote control app for android free download google home

Now at this age Google is everywhere. It has captured largest part on the mobile. Goggle has two varieties of its form; the one which is the oracle and the other one let you know about the programme for the day. Plus there is one another type of Google home which is more than just your answer box. The one touch of Google home let you control of your home and chrome cast devices which includes TV and lights.

2. OEM Specific remote apps

OEM Specific remote apps

OEM specific remote apps are in- built universal remote application. This can even control several of devices and this is the reason that users do not need third- party application. Actually, OEM invents its original tool manufacturer and this allows various different phones to use the app freely. Now-a-days this is coming pre-installed.

3. Peel Universal remote

it was a time when devices used to have infrared for two minutes peel was the then famous among all apps. But since, peel has collaborated with company like Samsung it has gained even more than 70 million downloads. The android of the remote-control app let one turn their smart phone into a remote.

By doing this users become able in controlling appliances which can be anything like AC, TV, set up boxes and devices such as Roku. There are other features as well as which are unique in their own way such as YouTube live, Voice control, Rich interface, comprehensive Tv guide and customizable remote.

4. SURE Universal

In the era of software comfort, sure universal has just given that. Those who have seen such dream of integrating their home fully sure universal will help them doing that. With the help of this app you can easily have control over your appliances of home which can be anything. This has some special feature which allows it to connect with many of advance technologies such as RF Z-wave and ZigBee.

You will not believe it has more potential than you think, Sure even allows in moving the photos manually and create a presentation. The only requirement of this app would be android device with an infrared blaster.

5. Zaza universal TV remote

Well, Zaza Universal TV remote is no less than above ones. It represents its unique individuality which can be tested through its features such as change Wi-fi connectivity, disable the key guard (only it is not secure),, modify current configuration, enter Wi-Fi connectivity state, mount and unmount file systems for removable storage, use the IR transmitter (if available).

6. Unified Remote

Are you all time computer users? Then there is a good news for you, just open your ears and arms to embrace the news. Unified remote is the best app for the one who uses the desk computer very much. This one allows in using PC from the Smartphone as much as they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

It has collection of different commands such as control of media, manage files, powers your PC using WOL, it mirrors your PC screen on your mobile device. It is best example of ac remote control app for android free download.

7. Smart IR remote – ANYMOTE

It is one another brilliant choice with brilliant features and the one can manage or control various devices with this one. Anymote falls under the category of most famous remote control app.

this one enables one to control several devices especially these brands such as Panasonic, Samsung, and LG etc. the other best part about this application is its voice command. When you would command it with voice it will accept the command and this you can do with your setting.

8. A Smart remote IR

More than 80000 plus television, cameras, air conditioners, projector have been supported by this single app. this app ahs made its unique place in the hearts of ac remote control for android free download users.

Why this is standing parallel from other ones is that along with those features. It is offering its own for creating rooms and managing the device in the room. As with this application one can create unlimited remotes for their appliances from 100 + brands.

And you can even add a drop- down list to the menu bar. This one also comes under the category of the great alternative of the universal remote.

9. Mi Universal Remote app

why Mi universal remote app is too good ac remote control app for android. This must have been reason of your wonder. Well, to end this suspense lets know it’s awesome features. Mi universal is available with several features which let you free access on stuffs such as AC, DVD, TV set, Camera, Projector and many more. The other thing which adds beauty to this app is that it’s not giving of pop- up ads. So this app is free from those things.

10. AnyMote UR +Wi- Fi smart home control

the dream of controlling appliances at your home is going to be true with Anymote UR+Wi-Fi. Here, one can control things such as Media Player, Gaming console, Tv, Lights and cameras etc. with the help of smartphone you can install this app and then after, go ahead you are absolutely free to control as many as devices which your heart wants.

FINAL WORDS – Above are great example of ac remote control app for androids’ free download. Each has different features, find yours comfortable one and get started with it. They all are free and best with its functions.