Avoid these 15 Non Gluten Free Meals For Kids

The number of people who are searching for gluten Free Meals For Kids.gluten intolerance in their diets is rising rapidly and the age at which awareness of gluten issues is present is getting lower.

This means that overall there are more and more options for carrying out your weekly meal plans and avoid the side affects of gluten. However, it’s still not completely straightforward, and it takes time to understand what is included and what is excluded from the list of things which can be eaten.

If you have a child with a gluten sensitivity, who is interested in getting cooking, here are 15 fun meals which they could help you cook, all free of gluten.

1. Goldfish


This is a snack which is extremely popular with kids and sadly it isn’t gluten-free. However, a gluten free version can be crafted pretty easily.

2. Animal Crackers

Gluten Free Meals For Kids Animal Crackers

This is a similar situation to the above. Craft this staple children’s classic but avoid all the side effects of the gluten. You can get creative with this as well, using different shapes for each cracker.

3. Granola


Granola can be enjoyed in such a diverse range of formats: as cereal with milk, on yoghurt in a parfait or even just as a snack on its own. Use pure oats to craft a gluten-free treat that your kid will always want to eat.

4. Pizza

Gluten Free Meals For Kids Pizza

It’s one of the absolute worst for anyone who realizes that they need to go gluten-free. “Though a lot of upmarket pizza places will have gluten-free crust options, it’s still rare”, says James Williams, food blogger at Ukwritings. Help your kid enjoy this classic by making it at home.

5. Apple Pie

Apple Pie

It would be terrible to deny your children this quintessential American dish on the grounds of the gluten content” says Arnold Mayweather, health writer at Boomessays. Get cracking on this crustless version of the most important desert on the American menu.

6. Ice-Cream


You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t like ice-cream, especially if you only ask kids. No ice-cream maker needed!

7. Cornbread


Get your skillet out to make this absolute staple classic. Cornmeal itself is entirely gluten free, so if made in the comfort of your own kitchen you should be able to put something really nice together for your gluten free kid.

8. Chocolate Milkshake

Chocolate Milkshake

Your kids will love it and you’ll actually add a layer of interest to the drink by swapping the ice-cream for fruit.

9. Hummus Burgers

Hummus Burgers

To make up for how many commercial companies use gluten in their burgers, do a little adventurous recipe and show your kids how good hummus is in all contexts.

10. Hummus Burgers

Hummus Burgers

To make up for how many commercial companies use gluten in their burgers, do a little adventurous recipe and show your kids how good hummus is in all contexts.

11. Parmesan Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets are usually a kid’s first request at any restaurant. Bring that home in the form of these gluten-less remakes of the usual favorite.

10. Chicken Tacos

Get the kids together to mix all of the requisite ingredients together and then enjoy the fun of everyone building their own tacos when dinner is served. Surprisingly easy and absolutely delicious.

11. Chili

It’s so flavorful and so quick, so it has to be on the list of meals that you put together with your kids, avoiding gluten. Make sure that you use the right spices and beans to be in keeping with your kid’s diet.

12. Mac Cheese

Another fan favorite with the little ones, mac & cheese is an essential addition to the menu. With so many packaged mac & cheeses having gluten inside, do your own to avoid the dietary issue.

13. Spaghetti Hot-dogs

Silly, creative, fun and guaranteed to be a hit with the kids, these are an easy reworking of the two classic meals. Skewer the hotdogs with some soba noodles to make it all a little healthier.

15. Rice Krispie Ice-Cream Bars

A little reworking of the ice-cream sandwich, this is a really fun one to do with the help of the kids.


As you can see, there are actually a whole host of options available to you and your family when it comes to avoiding gluten. Sadly, in a lot of instances, it seems like the classic meals are affected most, so you should find some creative ways around this with the list above.