canada travel : 6 Best tips for Compile your own trip for canada

Are you planning for canada travel?? sound great but Have you ever imagined doing your exchange in a country that is considered the most admired in the world? Exchange students in Canada will be in touch with diversity, responsiveness and a variety of environments to suit all tastes. And you will also have access to an education system that is among the best in the world.

Canada is the second largest country in the world, considering the total area, behind only Russia. Its population of about 35 million people is spread over ten provinces and territories. One of them, Québec, had French colonization and still maintains very peculiar characteristics, besides the French language. This means that since its founding as a country in 1867, Canada has been a bilingual country.

A fantastic holiday destination

canada travel

Canada is a fantastic holiday destination with its friendly population, special wildlife and of course the many impressive nature reserves that the country has. Canada Travel is easy and you can easily put together your trip to Canada yourself. Are you curious how you can compile your own trip to this country in North America? Here you can read how you can best compile your trip to Canada. But first, make sure you get your eTA Canada.


First, when compiling your trip to Canada, it is important to determine your destination. Your Canada Travel goal determines how you will shape your journey. For example, do you really want to experience the “into the wild” feeling? Then renting a motorhome is a good option for you. This will take you to the most beautiful places and you will spend the night in the wild.

But it is of course also possible that you would rather visit the cities, spot the Canadian wildlife, cross all tourist highlights at a quick pace or like to undertake some activities such as kayaking, mountain biking or hiking. Does it appeal to you all? No worries, you can also combine it very well.

canada Travel route

Have you determined your destination (for a large part)? Then it is handy to record your travel route. Of course, you don’t have to have everything mapped out yet, but especially for booking your airline ticket, transportation on site and of course the accommodations it is useful to have a global picture of which beautiful places you want to visit in this large country . That certainly helps with compiling your trip to Canada.

Flight tickets

Even before you have mapped out your canada travel route, you can start booking all your flight tickets, but for such a large country as Canada it is useful to determine whether you are visiting the west or the east. The west is generally somewhat wilder nature and here there is more wildlife than in the east, but there you will find the Niagara waterfalls and more beautiful! Our tip for cheap airline tickets is to visit the Skyscanner website.

Transportation on the spot

Many people opt for camper rental on site. That is of course also highly recommended if you want to experience the real wildlife. Do you feel uncomfortable when driving around in a large camper or do you find it a bit pricey? You can also explore Canada very well with a rental car. It is easier to get from A to B with a rental car and it is a lot cheaper than a camper, but you still have to reserve your accommodations.

To keep it completely budget friendly, you can also use public transport to go to many places in Canada. You may be more dependent, but it saves you a lot of money. If you also choose to stay in hostels, your self-composed Canada trip is completely budget-friendly!


Depending on the type of transport you have chosen, you reserve your accommodations. Did you choose a motorhome? Please note that you may have to stay your first night (s) in a hotel because you will only pick up your camper later than you arrive in Canada. In addition, it is advisable – especially in high season – to reserve your camping spots in advance to avoid disappointment. Have you opted for a rental car or public transport? Even then it is advisable to already have your accommodations booked in the popular periods.

There is a wide selection of beautiful hotels in Canada, although they are located in popular parks such as Banff and Jasper National Park. To save costs, you can choose to stay outside of these areas or, for example, find a nice Airbnb. Do you have no problems sleeping in dorms? Hostels are available at many tourist locations in Canada. The hostel chain Hi Hostels is especially popular and neat and is located in a huge number of places. If you stay here several times, it is advisable to become a member of Hi Hostels to save even more costs.