Females Be Aware!! Do Not Have Sex at These Places

The generation has changed and people are aware of the things happening around us. Most of the people around us know what is good and bad for them, but there are still few who are too lazy or have lack of knowledge to understand things around them. Such people suffer in the end. In that case, people are aware of Sex. In olden days, people would not think where they are in which state and would start intimacy. While making out women should be careful if the place they are having sex is safe or unsafe for them. Having sex in unsafe places can cause infection which might lead to severe disease especially for women.

Sex in Aeroplane ???? euuuuuuuuu 🙂

Sex In Aeroplane Couples have sex in aeroplane or in the train toilet which is very unhygienic. There are many people who use the toilet out of which some people don’t even wash their hands after using, which causes germs in the toilet. These germs then get transmitted on our body parts which causes infection.

Sex in Gym’s Locker Room

Sex In Gym’s locker room Couples have started using Gym’s locker room to have sex, which is filled with bacteria which is passed onto our body even when we stroll around in the room.

Sex in Movie Theatre

Sex in Cinema Hall We must have heard that coupes having sex in Movie Theatre as well. Have you ever known that the carpet and chairs are not been washed like for months? People come there with their dirty shoes and chappals. Have you ever realised that the way you have sex even others might be doing the same awful things which is so unhygienic.

Sex In Park

Sex in Park Having sex in park is one of the most dangerous thing. Since it is an open thing there are high level of chances of bacteria and various kinds of disease and fungus.

Sex On Beach

Sex On Beach Having sex on a beach. Sounds fascinating, right? But do you know what all unhygienic stuffs can be found on the beach. Birds faeces, people spit on the beach, etc. these spreads the bacteria.

Sex On Lonely Highway

Sex on Lonely Highway Sex on a lonely highway is one of the scariest thing to do as you never know when you can be trapped by someone else or can be caught over various camera’s such as google camera.

Sex on Office Left

Sex on office left Couples have not even left the office where they work to have sex. If caught they might even be thrown out of the office.

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