The importance preparing Your Young Girl for wearing her first Bra

Parents and guardians of teenage girls or the girl child just growing up with gradual and slow development in breast tissues, often face concerns about the right time to introduce a bra to them.

Even many girls in the growing up years, who are internet savvy and also more enthusiastic about body, appearance, and fitness, do search a lot on this topic. They try to discover the right time and age to start wearing a bra. Hence this is a common question among parents of a girl child and also among many growing up girls in their 9s to 14s.

Why must women wear a bra?

A bra is to support the breasts. And breasts need support because they are boneless lumps of fats and tissues, which are kept in shape by the body itself through cupped skin. If the skin loses its elasticity, the breasts lose their shape.

Hence to protect the elasticity of the skin in the process of the skin holding the weight of the breasts, you must wear a bra. The use of a bra holds the breasts up in the right position and avoids the mechanism of sagging. Without a bra, breasts gradually sag because the gravitational pull attracts them downward.

Moreover, with sagged and de-shaped breasts, the backbone also moves a little forward to compensate with the body weight being drawn downwards. Therefore due to sagged breasts, the posture of walking, standing, and overall carrying off the lady get affected over time.

This overall impacts the feminine appearance and images too and thereby dampen the confidence of the affected lady. That’s why it’s very important that you must wear a bra, right from the time the breast tissues are developing and demands this kind of support. A lady wearing a bra always, would not have this problem of sagged breasts.

What exactly is the right age and time to start wearing a bra?

There is no right age and time actually to start wearing a bra. As breast tissues start developing with advancing age, and as the breasts start taking a little shape, the bra should be introduced. The sooner a bra gets introduced, the prompt you are in providing support to the skin and underlying tissues so that the breasts get the healthiest environment to develop without losing shape a bit gradually.

Some girls start developing their breasts by the age of 11 or 12. Some are a little late and develop from 14. Some develop early from the age of 8. Therefore this depends on genetics, body type, and mental and physical growth overall.

As the parent or guardian, your job is to look out for the girl’s growth and spot the exact time the girl is growing her tissues at the breasts towards taking shape. As the breast buds start to develop, the breasts must be given that much-needed support.

Therefore if the girl needs the support at 8, then she should be given so, and if her body demands this support at 14, then let that be the age to introduce a bra to her. There is no need to hurry or slow down the process. It must be your instinctive response at that time when you notice her developing breasts. However, it’s very important that you are not much late in introducing the bra once the breasts start developing.

Is your girl child ready for a bra?

The body being ready is just one side of being ready for the bra. The body gets ready sooner or later, but the brain also has to be made ready. In many cases, girls are over-enthusiastic about wearing a bra and trying it for the first time.

In many cases, girls are shy about the idea of wearing a bra. And in some cases, girls react just appropriately to the idea. Therefore, you need to judge the mind of your girl child here.

If the child is enthusiastic about the idea of wearing a bar, she will come to you telling how some of her friends or classmates at school are now wearing a bra. This would exhibit her eagerness and interest in it, and you may get the hint that she also wants one.

If she is enthusiastic or simply adaptive to the call of the situation, then it’s great. You won’t have to work out to prepare her. In some cases, parents have to help their girl child get mentally ready to carry a bra.

How to help your girl child get ready for a bra?

If you learn that your girl child is not ready for a bra yet mentally, however, her gradually developing breasts demand one now, then you may start counseling her and prepare her with a teenager bra. Teenager bras and bralettes are good options to give the habit of wearing a bra to a girl.

Once the girl gets this habit of wearing a bra she can then adapt to the other forms and can start wearing up bras for the occasion, like a supporting bra at school, and a workout bra for sports and exercises or dancing etc., and demi or balconette bras for the party dressing, and so on.

What if you are late to introduce a bra to the growing up girl?

In case you are late in introducing a bra to the girl child, don’t worry. Whatever time is lost cannot be returned, but you can immediately make her start wearing one regularly. And in this case, you must choose one which gives her full support.

A full cup supportive bra or a regular teenage bra for the developing breasts is the right balancing thing. For ideas about getting the right bra size and choosing the right bra type, you can always consult useful resources like

To wrap it up

Young girls in their developing years need the proper, timely support of a good bra of high quality and the proper size, to give their breasts the comprehensive support through the developing years.