Half india knock mars half Bare hungry – poverty in india

We are still Poor. we Have come so far but we are still way behind. Not only in India but in worlds, only few countable peoples are rich. they are the kind of this earth. everything is buy able for him/Her. I say that i wish to buy this, buy that. i have a dream to fly. i have a dream to go and see Eiffel tower or some time i think to buy a bike or car but i know it is only dream, until and unless i got the any jackpot 🙂 But my dear, for few people nothing is dream. everything is just away from an order. Here i am note going to say how they become rich. how they earn. i know every successful person have own struggle story. i respect them.
In this article i am going show some of hard pumping image which me force you to cry. how poverty is in india. how we are forced to live a life like a hell. i wanted to know that what you will do, what u will suggest to overcome this problem. is there any solution or we will live always a poor.
in this word

  • Poverty in india
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    Ohh, kids are eating food on road. several time i saw that kids are searching food into dustbin and they found garbage pack. we people don’t think anything and we wasted the food without knowing that there are so many kids are hungry. there parents can’t afford two times food.
  • Poverty in india
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    Tell me what your souls is feeling? what a 1st things coming into your mind. Please write your comment below.
  • Poverty in india | poor woman taking bath on road
  • Poverty in india
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  • Poverty in india | kachhi house in rural india
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  • Poverty in india
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  • Poverty in india | a poor kid taking water from plastic bag
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    We spend Rs 100.00 for just one coffee 20 rs for mineral water. Think about these kids. Not only in rural area but in city also, people are struggling to get water.
    very soon how we Mumbai are struggling for water everyday.
  • Poverty in india
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  • and finaly

    East or west.. my country India is best
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    India, india and india, no matter how much we are poor, how much we are suffering but still we love our country. we have hope that one day things well change and our life will improved. our generation will not copy us. with this hope we woke up everyday and we sleep to by thinking that time is coming soon.
    lets take a oath in this independence day (15 Aug 2016), we will help poor. we will feed him. we will give clothes. And finally we will try to put a smile on those kids.
    Jay Hind