Most Poorest Countries and their Strange Lifestyle

Today we all are living with different habits and life style for a survival. There are many country and people having tons of money power, but unfortunately on the other side many people living in the countries having very poor and difficult life survival. They need to struggle for each and every thing in life. Here we are showing you some of the strange poor life habits of poor countries. This might surprise you!!!

  • 1. Malawi

    Malawi - Most Poorest Countries and their Strange Lifestyle
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    Basically Malawi people are living in a very basic roof routine. People usually fill their stomach with most common food called nsima prepared by family female member. They used to serve their meals on milk carton! One strange thing coming at the top is many man for a single woman. Yes, you are right to get idea about many man standing in a line to sleep with a single woman which is said at local center. The country is populated with 16 million but suffering with poor life habits and most under development.
  • 2. Burundi

    Burundi Most Poorest Countries and their Strange Lifestyle
    Burundi is one of the poorest countries of Africa. The nation and all citizens are in the trap of great violence and political challenges. Due to unfair whether conditions and facilities land is not available for farming. As every nation woman are in the ahead step then man. In Burundi woman are also there to play giant drums. Fast, masculine woman are play drum in some festival occasion in Africa. Their cloth requirement is filled by one cloth covered in the body.
  • 3. Central African Republic

    Most Poorest Countries and their Strange Lifestyle
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    This nation also has many of the same life living style as other African poor countries. People living in Central African Republic are ear very less with the reason of lack of land usability. The GDP of the nation is $333.20 The nation is suffered with very poor infrastructure and health facility. Most of the people are working day and night long to earn for basic life necessity. The best part of this is their diamond. The diamond business is giving little boost to them. This diamond is sharing major part in the economy.
  • 4. Niger

    Niger Most Poorest Countries and their Strange Lifestyle
    This is one of the most under developed countries among the world. Although the Niger make their development, but still it not reach at the point yet. The people living in such rituals where they consider rice as a status symbol for them. Many young children are sent to work in mills and factory. In Niger women are not allowed to take part in any political decision. Most of the woman perform labour work for family. The tribe also support of immediate divorce in men’s favour without taking considering about the woman and their children’s.
  • 5. Liberia

    Liberia Most Poorest Countries and their Strange Lifestyle
    Liberia is situated in western part of Africa. Most of the people are living in rural area. Nation is basically reliable on agriculture. You children’s and woman do farming and harvesting work. Liberia people are suffering from Food, health and sanitation problems. Many slum and rural area are available in the country. The nation GDP stands at $454.30. Liberia political situation is so good after war situations. As per one survey conducted, most of the citizen ear less than $1.25 per day which is most difficult to live.
  • 6. Madagascar

    Madagascar Most Poorest Countries and their Strange Lifestyle
    Madagascar is poor country of Africa. One of the main reason of this is nation population. Most of people living in big family. They need more labour workers to meet their earning needs. All young and elder do their earnings and they lived in a bamboo made house. One of the strange rituals, the elder allows their young family member to merry with their cousins. That also allowed to have more than one partner. Since last many years, the living standard of nation is under poverty lines.
  • 7. Congo

    Congo Most Poorest Countries and their Strange Lifestyle
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    The nation Democratic Republic of the Congo is having very different culture. As per one Survey conducted, Congo is the worst country to live especially for woman. Many of woman suffering from sexual violence and rape. This is the riskiest place for a female. Congo solders are called FDLR which is abbreviation of fight for the liberation of Rwanda. They mainly fight for major business of diamond and minerals. The Gross Domestic Production of Congo is $484.20 which is quite less.
  • 8. Gambia

    Most Poorest Countries and their Strange Lifestyle
    Islam is the main religion of Gambian people. The nation has its own culture values, food habits, dressing styles, look towards money value. The nation has some difficult situation to live on. Gambia is mainly reliable on fishing and farming. Among the total population of 1.8 million people more than 50% are living under poverty line. This is the smallest country of Africa land. The name of the country arrived from the river called “The Gambian River”
  • 9. Guinea

    Guinea Most Poorest Countries and their Strange Lifestyle
    Most Poorest Countries and their Strange Lifestyle
    The Guinea remains in the list of poor countries because of economic instability since long. The tribe people of guinea have some strange traditions. The people do separate their boys from girls during very early age of 7 to 10 years they have to take drink called seme* of tribe warrior. As one more early tradition people were eating the body of dead people. As reason they said they were eating what their ladies serves to them. As a result of that they also suffered from many dangerous decease.
  • 10. Ethiopia

    Ethiopia The Prasadam cooking fact
    Ethiopia is nation have $505 GDP which is in little good condition of the oldest nation in the world. The country is big victim of decease AIDS. Many of the children are orphan because of that. One noticeable thing about Ethiopia is nation calendar is 7 to 8 years behind from all other countries. As per their cultural habits, most of young age girls are married before they reach at the age of 15. As oldest country this country name is mention 40 times in holy book The Quran.

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