One Good Friend is better than 100 friends

Every person can’t be our friend but we can’t live without friends too, So We should think as One Good Friend can be better than 100 untruthful friends

Wow.. how beautiful word written above. A Friend who knows us as we are, understands what we have gone through, accepts what we have become, and still gently allow us to develop. They are the ones who hold our hand at times of need. The ones who care like a mother, protect like a father. They blossom our lives. Bring new sparkles to our regular routine life.

Need friends!! But why??

why do we need friends

Being social animals we always need someone to be there at our side. Usually, we think that finding a right soul mate is enough but ahh!! that’s not the true story. Even according to research, it is proved that man requires someone to fulfill his psychological needs. It is found that people with almost zero friend circle are usually addicted to drugs, smoking, alcohol and the things ruining their life. Adding more friends results in adding years to our life. Adding new stories to the book of our years. Adding new flavors to our life spices.

Are all friends alike

The answer to this question is a big “No”. We meet different people in our life. Some become an inseparable part of our lives but still is it enough. Can we afford a friend like sugar in our presence but with sour words in our absence?? Nop, none of us would like to make such relationships.

Relationships are like elevators they can either bring we up or letting you down. Sometimes we are holding those meaningless relationships that expired a year earlier. Here arise the need to find good friends. And guess what, that’s the real play.

Is it easy to find one good friend?

Is it easy to find one good friend

Yes, why not, we can find out potential friends.Friend play an important role in our life. Our success, failures, happiness, sorrow everything depends on the kind of company we keep. So, its important to choose right friends. All we have to do is to follow few simple steps. Lets have a look on them.

Try to find out people

The first step is to find out potential people whom you think can be a part of your life. These people can be our known or unknowns too. Relatives, neighbors, cousins can be an important part of your friend circle. If not try to find people from the unknown part.

Let’s talk about the people you know but hardly ever tried to mix up with. Be with them, spend time, find a suitable person with whom you feel you can share all your problems and happiness. Ya, there are people with the golden heart around us all we have to do is to have an eye of a jeweler in this case.

Another way is to go out and find some new people as sometimes old is not really gold. Find out one or two good persons. Meet their friends, party, hang out with them. Be comfortable. You can join communities or clubs where you will get lots of good people to converse with.

Bye-Bye fear

good bye fear for find one good friend

Yes, it’s the time to say bye-bye to all your fears. You have to understand that its just our fear that’s preventing you from interacting with other people. Go out of it, ‘BE YOU’. Remember 99% of the people in front of you are dealing with the same problem.So, why to panic, go ahead. Even they are facing the challenge of breaking the walls of this fear.
Go ahead and interact. Let them know you. Discuss their likes dislikes. Have a view at their lives. And let friendship take you to the world of joys.

Take chill pill

Now that you know you a bunch of people whom you can be friends with, go and take a chill pill. Take out times from your busy schedule and forget the world. It’s time to enjoy. To make friends we don’t just need to find them we have to be with them, spend time with them. Invite them for coffee or hang out. Accept invitations. Yes, it may be difficult to go and enjoy with people you hardly know but still that’s what’s build the foundation of the strong relationship. Go to different places like restaurants, clubs, shopping where ever you like, be free, be enthusiastic.

Waiting for another person to take initiative

Waiting for another person to take initiative? But why.

Often we wait for the second person to take the first initiative. In this wait, we even lose people who could be our future buddies. So time is to take the initiative first. If the other person doesn’t start off take the first step and say a hello. Start with normal questions. Ask a question like ‘how was our day’, ‘what are pursuing and so on. Let him know you.
Once the ice is broken it’s easier to connect.

Broaden your mind and heart

Broaden your mind and heart friends you ever think of kind of friend you want. Surely, you did. We all have a mind set up about the kind of person we would want in our life. Usually, we want the person to be of our own kind, with same hobbies, likes, dislikes and that’s okay too.

But what if we don’t find the same qualities. Most of us shut doors for people with the different mind set up, different hobbies, culture etc. But that’s not the right way out. Time to broaden our hearts and minds. Let those people enter our life, be a part of it. Might be life shows you true phases of friendship then.

Thinking about ‘Yourself’ is just not enough

Friendship is about the other person just as it’s about you. Leave the ‘me, me and only me’ type childishness. Grow up. Have a look at their life too. Get to know the person as an individual. Like, try to know his interests,his hobbies, likes, dislikes and everything he’s comfortable to share.
This will act as a bridge for your friendship. The more you know each other the more can you grow from ‘just friends’ to ‘best friends’

Be genuine, Be the real YOU

Friend in need is a friend indeed

Often we think too much of what others will think of us, what should we do next and all. In all this, we somewhere loose the real us. Good friends are ones who accept the way we are. If one doesn’t take us the way we are, he can never be a part of our happiness and sorrows.

You can decide your looks, what you say but don’t obsess over them. So don’t change. That’s the worst you can do to yourself.

Friend in need is a friend indeed

This is not just a saying but the truth indeed. A friend is one who stands for us at times of need. We all make friends for moral emotional support. We also need them at times of breakdown.

The best way to strengthen your friendship is by being at their side when they need. You aren’t of any worth for them too if not done so. And the most important fact to all this without any expectation. Don’t expect the same to be done for you. Do it selflessly.

Don’t vanish, stay in touch

We all have our busy schedules to be followed. The rushes, ups, downs everything makes us too busy to find out time for our friends but all we have to do is to take out some time and stay in touch. Ask our friends out once a while. There is no need to meet every day but yes a meet in a week or month is required. Yes, there are friends whom we meet after a long time but the closeness is still felt. That’s what depends upon the intensity of friendship.

Rule hearts not minds

The last one to make good friends yet the most important one. Usually what we do is be with them, go around, party, enjoy all this can make our place in their mind not heart. Do little things for your friendship to grow and those very little things will make your place in their heart. Plan surprises, remember their important dates, take care of them. All these open doors of their hearts and make you an inseparable part of their life.

These were the ways we can follow to find the right ones. Always remember you are affected by the company you keep so you have to pay keen attention to your choices in this case. A right friendship can help you to reach heights while an evil friendship can ruin you completely. So try to take up some easy ways to find out your partners in crime.