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Netflix – Digital entertainment is the next big thing. Needless is to say about its impact on modern society. The way it has managed to serve entertainment contents in a personalized way is commendable. Keeping its envious expansion, the tag ‘disruptor’ is perfectly applicable. A few years back, the entertainment industry used to be a mere thing. People used not to be selective.

1. Digital Entertainment is the next disruptor

In other words, it used to be a ‘time pass’ thing. But, in this era of entertainment revolution, content is king. Instead of mere ‘amusement,’ people want quality entertainment. The base of this revolution is making entertainment a taboo-free arena. Here the contents are served the way people can relate. This is why these contents are not just entertaining; people feel, know, and realize through these.

One may claim that YouTube channel as the inception point of this revolution. But, the most buzzed name, in this arena is indeed Netflix. The way it has become a household name at present, thoroughly depicts the sensation of Netflix. Not just for the viewers, it has emerged as an encouraging platform among the producers, directors, and actors as well. It’s the black hole within which the entire entertainment vibe gets immersed.

You can say Netflix is the god of the entertainment arena. It gives everything that one desires; you can go for free Netflix sign in for one month, enjoy the incredible collections over there, and still have the option of opting out of it if wished what more someone would wish! It has emerged as the superpower with the ability to make and breaking trends.

2. Much assuring from finance perspectives

One of the best parts about digital entertainment is the assurance it provides for the producers. It has turned out to be one of the most transparent ways of the entertainment business. Unlike the traditional entertainment business, which involves a lot of steps, starting from financer, producers, distributors, to theatre owners, here no such complexities involved.

3. How has it addressed the traditional issues?

Digital entertainment is the hot term that has managed well to establish itself with the conventional or mainstream entertainment segment. Despite being a ‘disruptor,’ it indeed has not appeared like a rebel or something like that against the conventional entertainment mode; be it about TV, theatre, etc. The most interesting part of the concept is that here there is no barrier.

It never compromises with the essence of entertainment; not with the length of the content, commercial elements, or anything of such. Moreover, it has moved over the traditional formula of film or entertainment content making. It’s like, it has created hope among thousands of creative heads, and those were always looking for a platform.

Digital platform has proved it well that in the revolution of ‘content king,’ a common man can also be the star. Netflix can be the best example in this regard. Most of the best movies on Netflix in recent past doesn’t involve big stars; rather the big talents. In other words, it has addressed exactly what the contemporary entertainment industry was lacking, i.e., no taboo for content.

Take the case of TVs as well; it too involves various steps, starting from the broadcaster, TV channels, producers, advertisers, etc. Naturally, the revenue generated gets distributed or channelled amidst so many steps. This is the reason for investing in an entertainment project used to be such a tedious task. The same was the reason that many corporate groups used not to be in a free-flowing mood towards investment. But, the scenario has changed drastically.

With the digital revolution, the internet is a very basic thing among every group of people; content makers have gone much assured that if their content quality is good enough, finding the audience is certainly not going to be a tough task for them. Similar is the case about the investors as well. They know that the audience is always there for them.

There is no need to worry about things like empty cinema halls and all. Your product is certainly going to be checked at. The business looks quite simple them as well. As explained above, they don’t need to understand the complex business system anymore, as of the film making. No need to worry about the distributors, theatre owners, etc. If your content is qualitatively good, you can simply show at a platform and earn.

4. Encouraging performers: Netflix

The platforms like Netflix have provided much greater assurance for the actors as well. Unlike the traditional system, here no one is going to judge them regarding the collection that their film made. There remains no fear of a movie not earning huge. If your work is good, you are certainly going to be appreciated.

As the producer itself is relaxed, there remains no reason for the performers to be worried about. To be specific, it has emerged as one of the greatest opportunities for newcomers or struggling actors from a small town. Many renowned new movies on Netflix starring fresh faces have made sensations around the globe. Actors in these movies are enjoying a huge reputation.

5. Audience accomplishment, flexible plans.

Coming to the audience, their satisfaction is quite evident. Despite having the lucrative option of coming out of Netflix post a free trial, incredible is to see that people are continuing with the plans. The monthly and annual subscription packages are already quite affordable or budget-friendly. Making things more interesting, these platforms are offering the option of sharing the accounts. In short, people within a family those who all want to share this incredible entertainment platform can find things convincing, as well as affordable.

People claim that technology, specifically the smartphones becoming affordable is the reason behind this revolution. However, deep inside, it is quite evident that the hunger of quality entertainment and the pursuit for clean business operation is also one of the prominent reasons behind this revolutionary scenario. So far, Digital Entertainment being the major disruptor has worked in favour of almost everyone. It is hoped that the same trend will be continuing in coming futures as well.

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