Top 10 Most popular beer in the world

The costliest beer on the planet, the expense of which keeps on filling in cost over the long haul. It’s one of a kind item that can amaze complex visitors or a decent open door for long haul venture? For every purchaser of such beer, there might be his own purpose behind the buy. In this article, we have listed below most popular beer in the world.

There is something in particular about beer that makes it a tremendously regal encounter each time you take a taste.

So, Let’s get excitement begin with knowing Top 10 Most popular beer in the world

1. Tsingtao Beer

Most popular beer in the world Tsingtao

Often served with 640ml of beer and 1 glass of ice, Tsingtao is widespread throughout China. The beer pilsner comes from the Tsingtao brewery.
Beer was founded in Hong Kong in 1916 by German immigrants. Beer promised to be an international brand from the start.

In 1972, Tsingtao Brewery was introduced to the United States and became the best-selling Chinese beer in the United States. Since 2009, Tsingtao Breweries global beer market share has grown by at least 0.1% per year and comes among most popular beer in the world.

2. Budweiser Beer

best selling beer in the world - Budweiser beer

Budweiser is arguably the most famous brand of beer in the world, and is a classic American beer known for its amber and refreshing taste.

It was introduced to the United States by Anheuser Busch in the mid-1800s after the founder of the brewery observed popular beer brewing techniques in Europe.

Since then it has spread to over 80 markets as best selling beer in the world. However, according to Time magazine, for old legal debates with Czech beer brand Budejovicky Budvar, the company is not allowing the use of the Budweiser name in various markets in Europe.

3. Bud Light Beer

Bud Light Beer

Budweiser is very popular, but its young and weak partner, Bud Light, actually has a large share in the international market and consider to be most popular beer in the world.
American beer was first released in 1982. The iconic blue brand beers take longer to brew than the original Budweiser beer. It contains less sugar and fewer calories than Budweiser beer and has an ABV of 4.2%.

4. Pilsner Beer

Most popular beer in the world - Pilsner Beer

Pilsner is a beer that originated in the West Bohemian town of Pilsner. First brewed in 1842, it has become one of the youngest beers and best selling beer in the world. This style stems from the fact that the inhabitants of Birsen were dissatisfied with the quality of the beer and decided to build the Burger Brauerei (Citizen brewery), later renamed Pilsner Urkel.

They eventually brought in the Bavarian master brewer Josef Groll, who made the first Pilsner beer. The original idea was to brew Bavarian-style beer, but the use of Czech ingredients has influenced the emergence of new styles. The original Pilsner was one of the first versions of lager and lager beers made from Moravian hops and Thirth hop lager malted barley.

5. Stouts Beer

Stouts beer

Strong stouts are top-fermented beers with a characteristic roasted flavour, usually a dark beer. Their introduction is closely related to the British doorman, who was developed in London at some point in the 18th century. This distinction is no longer there, but reliability arose from the desire to create better and more powerful media.

Typical dark beers have a roasted barley and roasted malt aroma reminiscent of coffee, chocolate and cocoa is most popular beer in the world. Traditional dry beers range in color from black to dark brown and are usually medium to medium-bodied, smooth, creamy and silky. They generally have low hop properties and take a long time to dry.

6. Brown Beer ale

brown beer ale

Dark ale is an ancient, versatile ale that has its origins in the British brewing tradition. In the 19th century, the name was used as a collective term for various types of brown malt beer. With the advent of pale malt, brown ale virtually disappeared and was slowly introduced until the 1920s.

Newcastle Brown is the first prototype to be named after a brown ale, independent from the original version, but laying the foundation for modern styling. Today, this style combines a slightly different American dark beer with a more traditional British style.

7. Indian Pale Ale

Indian Pale Ale

Indian lager is one of the more attractive beers, and although its origins are still widely debated, it originally arose out of the need to brew lager in distant British colonies (i.e. India). The colony’s climate is believed to be very hot for brewing.

It is believed that the IPA was created by increasing the alcohol and hop content with most popular beer in the world. Helps to store beer on long trips. The first quote, titled “Indian Pale Ale”, dates back to the 1830s, but the style is believed to have originated earlier.

8. Snow Beer

Snow beer

Although sales are limited to almost one country / region, Snow Beer is the most popular beer on the planet. Of course, the country is China. According to Bloomberg News, its sales have climbed 577% since 2005, which was the 11th best-selling beer in the world.

Approx 4% of certified beers are a joint venture between SABMiller and China Resources.
Currency exchange beer describes it as “very fine” and “highly carbonated”. Beer is popular because of its low price, according to Quartz, the price in China is around $ 1 per liter.

9. Pumpkin Beer

Pumpkin beer - best selling beer in the world
Most popular beer in the world - Pumpkin beer

Pumpkin beer has a long history in the United States and most popular beer in the world. Its history dates back to colonial brewing, but the modern explanation is believed to have first appeared in the 1980s, and the first commercial beer came from Hayward Buffalo Brewery in California.

The basic form of Pumpkin beer is fermented from fresh frozen or pure malt grains. However, many sellers do not include the pumpkin, but instead choose pumpkin seasonings and spices such as cinnamon, strawberries, cloves, and nutmeg.

Pumpkin doesn’t have a lot of flavor, so this spice blend is mainly due to the unique characteristics of these beers. Beer is the most popular choice, but there are several styles available. Despite the variety of uses, in many cases caramel and hot spices are present.
Most pumpkin beers come under seasonal labels and generally pair well with seasonal dishes, cheese, and some desserts.

10. Common California

Common California

Blended beer is common in California, brewed with brewer’s yeast, and then fermented at the temperature of a light beer. A modern interpretation has been made to reflect the historic steamed beer that first appeared on the West Coast during the Gold Rush.

It’s a rather old-fashioned temporary style, and inevitably was born. The latest version of this upgrade was introduced by Anchor Brewing Company of San Francisco in the 1970s. Protects the Anchor Steam Beer label, but another style example is typical California style.

This beer is generally a medium malt with a flavor and aroma of roasted granularity. Hops can have a woody and minty taste, reminiscent of traditional and simple American hip-hop. The beer is crunchy and generally dry. It goes well with bulgogi and bulgogi, spicy Mexican, Cajun and Thai dishes.