Top 12 Most interesting facts which happens every second

As out of most common and usual things, we are here to come up with world’s Most interesting facts and surprising things which happen every second. All these facts are most entertaining but informative which will improve your knowledge bank. So, Let’s have a look of collection of around 12 unique but info-entertaining interesting things.

  • 1. We waste 98 KG of food every second (Around the world)

    Dear Readers you all will be so surprise and ashamed by knowing that 98 KG food are in wastage box every second over the world. Many people are died of hunger and insufficient food whereas huge amount of food are being wasted by one or another way globally. If we can think about to share food, we can save many lives. Most of wastage amount is from developed country. As per one report of Harvard school of law, 92 percent of Americans wastage 40 percent of their food items.
  • 2. Girls most favorite makeup is her lipstick

    One of the most attractive things about girls makeup is her Lipstick. You will be amaze that around 60 lipsticks are made at every second. And moreover all these lipsticks are in different color and shade and flavor. Most of people do not know that most of the lipsticks are non vegetarian. These are made from animal parts in the factory with different process.
  • 3. Do you know how much barbies are to be sold at every second in the world?

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    OMG! Who is not admiring beautiful Barbies. One amazing face is concerned with Barbie doll is 3 barbies are to be sold at every second in the world. Also 180 dolls they are preparing at every 60 seconds. They all doll are coming in different size, shape,skin tone and big Barbie cloth and makeup collection. Barbie is most selling doll every girl child can’t stay away to play with her.
  • 4. Honey Bees fly its wings 270 times every second

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    Very few people know about one fact of honey bees. Honey Bees fly its wings 270 times every second. So as 16,820 times in a 60 seconds. Most of the time bees lives in the group and do their honey making work. They all are lead by Queen Bee. Honey Bees not having very long life but give us sweet gift in the form of Honey!!
  • 5. Every second 6 babies born around the world.

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    As per world Report, 6 babies are born at every second. As per that, 240 baby in 60 seconds. This numbers are enough to measure the world population. But unfortunately many dies before they reach to the age of 5 with various reason like starving, health challenge, etc.
  • 6. light travels faster than anything else

    We have been experienced silver flash from sky once a life. But do we know the speed of that sky lightning? As per Observation sky lightning take place six times per second. During monsoon season we all have seen this with heavy rain. This also proves saying that light travels faster than anything else.
  • 7. Snail walk 1 centimeter per second.

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    The amazing thing about little wonder snail is their walking speed. Yes, snail walk at 1 sent meter per second. However In monsoon season snail become more faster in speed of walking.
  • 8. Coca cola sale 20 thousands bottle every second.

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    Coca cola is consider as most famous refreshing cold drinks. They have kept very large amount of customer over all world. As per coca cola Statistics, they produce 1.8 billion bottles every day. You will surprise that when coca cola was invented, they sold only 25 bottles in 1st year. Find out more info Here.
  • 9. Do you know how many tweets post per second.

    Oh love that twittering bird ? Hmmmm….well one of the most famous social networking site has its very large network. You might not know that more then 7K tweets are posted every second in twitter. Twitter allow people to facility of Follow, Tweet, Retweet and express their feeling via # tag and with pointing some special person with @sign.
  • 10. Universe never will fit in map… Yeah its true

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    Guys, in today world, google map help us to find almost everything. we find in a second. but did you imagine that what will if we mapped whole universe. unfortunately its not possible because our Universe expand 100 miles in few second. means when you start reading point 10 of this article, our Universe has already expanded by more then 100 miles. its interesting isn’t ? think, if same things happen for our earth, we would fly whole life but never will reached till end.. its endless.

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