Top 10 Most Famous Biryani Restaurant In Mumbai

1. Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar

Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar

Set up in 1973, Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar is an institution in terms of the biryani. Today, they are popularly known as ‘The Biryani King of Mumbai.’ I’ve been traveling to this place for over two decades. Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar manages to stay as much as all of the hype that’s been surrounding it on account that nearly 45 years now. Be it their hen Biryani, Mutton Biryani, or maybe their bird Tikka Biryani. Even though of past due, there were several complaints about the service on the eating place – biryani getting over too quickly and impolite personnel. We most effectively desire that this food chain receives its grip again and lives up to its name.

Chicken Biryani – INR 260 (full plate)
Mutton Biryani – INR 299 (complete plate)
Fowl Tikka Biryani – INR 330

2. Noor Mohammadi inn

Noor Mohammadi inn

Having been in business for the last ninety-four years (yes! That’s how antique this region is), Noor Mohammadi resort has managed to carve a spot for itself among the beef enthusiasts in the bay. Although they are very famous for his or her Nalli Nahari, bird Hakimi and Sanju Baba chicken (the recipe for which has reputedly given with the aid of Sanjay Dutt himself). What quite a few humans don’t recognize is they serve a particular model of the biryani. Referred to as the chicken White Biryani, this model is not like another biryani out there.

Alternatively, of getting the traditional brown/purple masala as the base for the biryani, the parents at Noor Mohammadi lodge put together one with a Gresham (white masala) base. It offers the biryani an exact creamy flavor in preference to the traditional masala flavor.

Tip: people who’ve attempted this version of the biryani swear using it hence making it one among their quickest selling dishes. Make sure you reach there before 8 PM to sample this creamy goodness.

Chicken White Biryani – INR 90

3. Persian Darbar, Bandra & Andheri

Persian Darbar, Bandra & Andheri

One look at their menu, and you may come upon more than one alternatives with regards to biryanis. The only thing that stood out for me turned into their chook/Mutton Persian unique Biryani. Biryani, in keeping with me, gets it genuinely bang on in terms of the proportion of rice to meat to the masala. Priced at Rs 450 and Rs 500 for the fowl and mutton model respectively, one part of this biryani is right enough for two to a few humans.

Chicken Persian unique Biryani – INR 450
Mutton Persian unique Biryani – INR 500

4. Motel Deluxe, fort/

Motel Deluxe, fort

Known primarily for its Malayali services, motel Deluxe isn’t an area where one could generally pass for a plate of biryani. Surprise! Marvel! Hotel Deluxe’s Boneless chicken Biryani is a hidden gem. Organized with brief-grained rice rather than the conventional long-grained basmati rice, this model of the biryani is extraordinarily spiced. It is also doused with a generous quantity of ghee (you could flavor the ghee while having the rice).

On one of the occasions, once I’d visited, they had additionally put small, bite-sized portions of pineapple within the biryani, which incredibly. (I’m towards fruit being a part of any kind of main meal dishes) proved to be a first-rate evaluation for the spicy masala. Don’t recognize why they’ve stopped doing this.

Fowl Boneless Biryani – INR a hundred and seventy

5. Café Noorani, Haji Ali

Café Noorani, Haji Ali

For biryani connoisseurs, the idea of a ‘fowl Tikka Biryani’ would possibly appear slightly scandalous. An authentic biryani is one in which the rice and meat cooked together. The different spices and masalas integrate collectively, and that’s when individual flavors from all components complement each other. Voila! You have your best biryani geared up. Even though Café Noorani’s bird Tikka Biryani does no longer follow this course, be relaxed assured that there may be no compromise at all in terms of taste. Aromatic, colorful rice topped on a bed of tikka masala in conjunction with significant portions of juicy hen tikkas. It’s some distance from being the appropriate biryani; however, it truly hits the spot as far as flavor is worried.

Fowl Tikka Biryani – INR 330

6. Kebabs & Curries, ITC Grand significant Parel

6. Kebabs & Curries, ITC Grand significant Parel

The simplest ‘five big names’ restaurant to feature on this listing, Kebabs & Curries’ Gosht Dum Pukht Biryani, is definitely worth the bomb that you’re going to spend on it. Organized within the traditional dum pukht style. (it brought on your table in a massive vessel which included flour, and the identical dismantled in front of you). The biryani delicately spiced with portions of mutton that soften for your mouth. It is the nearest that you’re going to get in locating a without a doubt actual biryani in the bay. Incredibly recommended! (irrespective of the steep pricing).

Gosht Dum Pukht Biryani – INR 1500

7. Zaffran’s Gosht Biryani

Top 10 Most Famous Biryani Restaurant In Mumbai

A biryani listing without the addition of Zaffran would be a crime! The following time you don’t need to look forward to Eid to get a few superb Biryani, just head over to Zaffran and order the mutton biryani. The meat is delicious, it is merely the right quantity of spicy, and it smells like what I imagine heaven smells. I understand loads of folks that think about dal-chawal as their consolation meals. To me, it’s far biryani from Zaffran.

Gosht Biryani – INR 550

8. Go Bryan, Lokhandwala

Go Bryan, Lokhandwala

Don’t sense like heading out to that birthday party tonight? How approximately do you carry the birthday party to your own home? A transport kitchen positioned in pass Bryan is your perfect associate for a closing Biryani feast. Serving king length, queen length, and using the kilo portions, move Bryan has a terrific choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian biryanis. Vegetarians, pick from Paneer Tikka Biryani and Vegetable Afghani Biryani, and many more! Who stated Biryani couldn’t be vegetarian?

Approx Price: ?six hundred for two human beings

9. Hyderabad Xpress, Oshiwara

Hyderabad Xpress, Oshiwara

You haven’t had biryani until you’ve had Hyderabadi Biryani. And Hyderabad Xpress gives you merely that, authentic Hyderabadi dum biryani flavors to have in each vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions. Get a taste of asli Hyderabadi biryani; you won’t be capable of going back to ordinary biryani after this. We advocate the vegetable biryani, Hyderabadi dum biryani, boneless hen biryani. Don’t overlook to pair them all with scrumptious and trademark Mirch Ka Salan.

Avg value for 2: ?350

10. The Sahib Room And Kipling Bar

Top 10 Most Famous Biryani Restaurant In Mumbai

While you do fancy, do it properly. And nothing spells fancy like the grand St Regis resort in Mumbai hiding away The Sahib Room And Kipling Bar. It seems you get killer gourmand degree Biryani right here! And at St Regis, we count on no less. Whether or not it’s the fragrant Subz Dum Biryani, Murg Biryani, or Gosht Biryani, the right amount of spices and marination will have you ever salivating for more fabulous. Pair them up with some sparkling cocktails. And don’t forget to make a reservation before you pass.

Avg Rate for two: 3500