MOENA an enchantress of hips shaking know that how to make everyone to stick their eyes on her.

Well, this is fact that some human born with god gifted talent and when world know that talent. everyone eyes fixed there. moena is one of god gifted dancer.

MOENA M à RAIATEA an amazing otea dance
Her dance moment will make u crazy. her dance called Oteá. otea’a is a traditional dance from Tahiti. This dance has only music basically drums at a fast rhythm without any singing. Ote’a is similar like a belly dance but the movements are much faster. Ote’a is one of the few dances which has already existed in the pre – european times as a male dance. Nowadays, Ote’a can be danced by both Male or Female and couples too. The dancers of Ote’a make gestures by enacting daily occupations of life. For men the themes can be chosen from warfare or sailing.     Likewise for women, it can be chosen closely to home or nature. Moena had performed on Otea. She is an amazing dancer. Her dance moves are rhythmic and energetic. She had performed during the Miss Tahiti 2013. She had also performed at Paris in 2015 and many more countries. She has also done many choreographs for Tahiti Ora.

Checkout MOENA’s awesome belly (otea’a) dance