DSLR Craze for Modern Youth

In this modern era of world, electric appliances and gadgets have occupied a major position in our daily lives. They were invented to make life better for us. But it cannot be denied that many of the gadgets have negative effects. They influence the quality of our lives. Another fact is that we cannot live without them in this modern world. The young generation of today judge themselves, according to the type and quality of gadgets they posses. Due to this popularity of gadgets among youth, newer and trendier gadgets are introduced every passing day in the market.

One such example of new gadget, that has become a style symbol for youth and every other youth want to buy is DSLR camera.

Before talking about it’s craze let’s first know,

A digital single-lens reflex camera is a digital camera. It combines the optics and the mechanisms of a single-lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor. This feature of dslr is opposed to photographic film. It’s reflex design scheme is the prime difference between a DSLR and other digital cameras.
DSLRs largely replaced film-based SLR s during the 2000s. Keeping aside the rising popularity of mirror-less system cameras in the early 2010s, DSLRs remained the most common type of lens camera in use as in 2014.


Youth is crazy nowadays to own a DSLR camera. Factors which have contributed to this are:

1. Easy social sharing :

It is easy to take good pictures and filter it on different apps. But nowadays people want more. This is so because they want to show others that they can take good pictures even without filtering .
Now the question arises How to show this? Talking about normal digital cameras, it is obvious that they are not enough. The best option is to go for DSLR. So DSLR it is.
Social sharing and the want of likes, upvotes, shares etc. make the thought of amateur photography . And DSLR just lends credibility to it. How good you feel when you name your album, “pics from my new dslr”.

2. Easy photo editing software:

Any person with a mobile and apps can make the picture of even an ugly person that of a beautiful one. Give me any average photo and I can make it look nearly 50% better with Makeup plus.
Pixlr is the online free version of photoshop. DSLR has nothing to do with it. It definitely goes to show that taking substandard pictures is not a criteria anymore.

3. Cheap technology:

I remember when i was in my first year, when I wanted to buy a DSLR. At that time it’s cost was around 50k Rupees. I hesitated, after all it was a huge amount. In my final year I could get a DSLR for 19k. What more needed? Who was talking about inflation?

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4. Get your artsy side out without being artsy:

I have known many guys who got dslr cameras to impress the females. The normal thinking is that if you take pictures of girls with a professional looking camera, it’s an art. They think that girls would get impressed with it. On the other side, if you have a cheap digital camera, that is creepy. This can get you a blur image of yourself in front of her. So all we can say that what matters is Impression, Impression and Impression.

5. Better financial condition:

Definitely a strong point why dslr are preferred by youths nowadays. Today’s youth want a job where they can travel and also earn money side by side. Mostly they look for a pleasing job like that. And what next, one of the best jobs for them is photography. They can visit places and earn with their passion. So, dslr is definitely a source of enjoyable income for them.

6. Influence of Bollywood :

There are many movies released quite recently that the actors have dslr cameras. Usually what happens is what an actor or actress goes for becomes a style statement for youth. Same is the case of dslr. They find it more trendy as their super heroes also use them. Another thing is their favorite stars endorsing the dslr cameras. Now, who can stop them from buying these.

7. Gadgets are cool:

Do i need to tell that? We all know that in today’s era, gadgets are the coolest way to show off oneself. To show how cool, you are, the best thing you can do this time is to have a cool dslr to go out with. We all know that, having a camera which has gazillions of buttons and touchscreens on it is way cooler than some idiotic point and shoot. So, youths are getting influenced by such features and readily buy dslr’s.


While talking about “speed”, I am referring to the speed of camera operation.There are a number of factors that add up to the overall speed of a digital camera.

Firstly to mention here is the speed of focusing. When composing a shot, cameras clearly need to focus first.
A digital SLR camera will focus on the subject faster than any compact digital camera. The speed advantage of digital SLR cameras is even more in low light conditions.

9. Flexibility:

It’s flexibility is definitely something which is driving youth crazy. When we talk of flexibility of cameras, we mean how well can it handle a range of situations. And here, in this way the digital SLR cameras are advantageous over compact digital cameras.

10. Society (friends, cousins):

Another factor that contribute to the craze of dslr among youth is their family and friends. What happens is when one of our friend or family member possess, a trendy gadget, we automatically, feel to have one. It’s not just about being jealous, it’s about to compete with everyone and not being behind anyone in any way. We grow a desire to get one for us too and that’s it. This inculcates feeling of getting dslr amongst youth.

Despite of the craze of the dslr cameras among the youth, there are points to show that dslr have become obsolete in today’s world. Let’s have a look on them too:


A great image is a great image no matter what sort of camera was used to make it.
It is not needed to boost about how the greats used tiny Leica’s and one lens. This is something we all are aware of.

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So how much did your DSLR system cost you?
Well now halve that amount and you can still have a mirror less system. And guess what you need not to sacrifice the quality of work you produce.


So, tell me how many of you have used all of those options in your DSLR menu. The ones we need all that space inside the body for the electronics to hold for you. There are thousands of them. Most of them are pure gimmickry. What we all need are cameras with great quality. Those cameras, that do the basic brilliantly.


Having to mess about with mirror lock up and cleaning oil splashes from your sensor is an old technology. This is no longer necessary. Focusing directly onto the sensor gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. This makes you feel that things are more likely spot on when that focus locks.


All that you need is a camera system that inspires you to go. It should help you to do better photography. A system that frees you up to create.You need tools that are a pleasure to use. They should be affordable.

Unaffected by all these, Indian youth desperately wants DSLR, as they right now are the style symbol and the passion icon for the youth

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