Fuller Lips : Most Useful 10 Makeup tips For Fuller Lips

The lips are crucial, they are what brings a look together, and you know what they say, on a bad day there’s always lipstick. Even the best makeup artist in Delhiwould tell you, your lips can make or break a look and yet are often overlooked. Here are some tips to get those perfect, Instagram worthy, yummy, luscious fuller lips

1. Tone Down The Drama

Fuller Lips Tone Down The Drama

To avoid looking like a party clown, choose your best feature amongst your lips and your eyes. If playing up the eyes, choose a lighter or nude shade for your fuller lips. If you’re going light on the top, choose a show-stopping colour to pop on your lips (to make beautiful fuller lips).

To achieve the perfect nude, apply foundation or concealer on your lips before coating them in lip gloss. This would pair great with a sharp smokey eye.

2. The Illusion Of Plumper Lips

The Illusion Of Plumper Lips

Fillers are not the only way to eye-catchy fuller lips, start by applying the lip liner a tiny bit further along the natural lip line. Dabbing a little lip gloss in the centres of your lips will add on to the look and give the lips a glossy shine.

3. Prep Your Lips

Prep Your Lips

Exfoliate and nourish. Healthier lips will help the product go on smoother and let the tint last longer without cracking or flaking.
Pro tip: A toothbrush bristles can be used for exfoliation when rubbed on our lips instead of expensive exfoliation methods.

4. The Liner As Your Base

The Liner As Your Base - Fuller Lips

Lipstick will last longer if you fill your lips with a liner first, gloss tends to fade away but the lip liner will give the boss something to hold on to.

5. Define The Cupid’s Bow

Define The Cupid’s Bow

The slight dip in your upper lip is known as the cupid’s bow, defining it with a liner in the first place will make them striking. If without a lipliner, you can draw an x at the cupid’s bow and fill in the rest later. Pro hit: applying a bit of highlighter at your cupid bow will make your lips seem fuller, applying some to the centre of your bottom lip helps too.

6. Avoid Extremely Dark Shades

Dark shades tend to thin and age the wearer’s face, wearing a shade 2 shades darker than your lip colour is often ideal, although it’s nudes and pinks that you can really play with, creating an illusion of voluptuousness.

7. Plumping Balms

For an instant lift, try using lip balms that contain certain ingredients that will give your lips an instantaneous lift. The effects usually wear off in an hour, just enough time to document that new pout.

8. 2 Shades Instead Of 1

Instead of using one flat colour, use 2 to create dimensions on your lips. Use a dark hue to cover your lips with first and a lighter one to dab in highlighting areas of the lips. If either of your lips are heavier than the other, it’d be suggested to use this on the opposite side, as this will even your lips out.

9. Contour Your Lips

Contouring helps manipulate the areas of the body to appear how you’d want them to appear, this can be used for your lips too. Add a dusty contour at the top and bottom of your lips to create a slight shadow giving the appearance of much fuller and blossomed lips.

10. Clean up

After applying your preferred lipstick, clean out the edges of your mouth with a concealer to create a sharp, long-lasting lip shape.
Pro tip: Applying a hint of concealer on the lip line will really make a difference in the final result, making your fuller lips seem juicy and succulent.

Empower yourself with plump beautiful lips, and use these tips instead of those expensive Kylie Jenner lip injections. It’s time to rock those curvy hips, with some red lips.

Fuller Lips : Most Useful 10 Makeup tips For Fuller Lips