Low Cost Healthy Snacks Options at office

Low Cost Healthy Office Snacks Options to Consider and Ensures Success at Office

When you serve low cost yet healthy office snacks to your employees it will be actually serving up success. This will not only be productive for your business and will generate more business revenue it will keep the working environment more competitive and healthy.

Whether you believe it or not, by doing so you will set an example for your team of employees in both the way you live your life and work as well. The people in your office will select you as a role model and will tend to follow your model of leading a good lifestyle that includes eating a healthy breakfast on time, not skipping lunch and eating healthy and tasty snacks.

Stock the kitchen fridge and pantry of your office with these healthy foods and people will soon follow suit. This is due to the reason that people tend to eat only those foods that are available or made available to them. This is a very obvious.

However, you cannot prohibit your employees to bring their lunch and whatever they want to from their home. What you can do on your part is offer them with a variety of healthy snacking options by stocking your office with these tasty and healthy foods.

Few good snacking ideas

Office Snacks
Snacking ideas


To provide your workers with low cost and healthy office snacking options then there are a few good ideas that you may follow to stock your office kitchen and pantry. However, these are just a few to name from a huge list of healthy snack options for your employees.

  • Order a snack box: You can order for a snack box if you have shortage of time, energy or wherewithal to make a list of foods, go out and buy those or give the responsibility to someone reliable to get it from the store, pay for it daily, weekly or monthly as per your convenience, check the quality of the food, tally it with the list prepared by you and store it in the right place in the right manner. These snack boxes come in a variety of options and often delivery is free. You can fix a price for each employee and place an order as well.
  • Fruit: Providing fruits to your employees in your office is another great way to retain their health and your business productivity. Fruits are very good to help keeping the blood sugar at a healthy level. That means you will not have to resort more to those unhealthy sugary snacks such as candy bars. Offering fruits is a good choice because many fruits usually do not need any preparation and are just ‘grab and go’ type, for example an apple. Moreover, fruits such as these can be stored for several days without getting decomposed or going bad. Ideally, you should include fruits such as apples, bananas, oranges, pears, and clementine in your list of options.
  • Yogurt: To make office snacking habit a Variety Fun you can add a wide variety of yogurt options if you have an office fridge. Your employees will love to have yogurt which is considered to be a super food. It is full of minerals and vitamins along with lots of probiotics. It helps in digestion and is also proven to be good for bone density, blood pressure and the entire immune system. However, you should seriously avoid yogurts that come with a significant amount of sugar added in it.
  • Protein bars: These are probably the best option for an afternoon snack as these will help the employees to tide over until dinner. These will not go stale easily and will stay in the office cabinet for several weeks.
  • Vegetables and hummus: You may also include pre-cut carrots and celery sticks in your list of options along with bell pepper slices even. To make these more useful and effective you may combine these with hummus. Most of the times, people love to eat vegetables with a cream based dip but usually these dips make the snack less healthy. To replace the vegetable dips you can add hummus which is made of chickpeas and is a much healthier option to include.
  • Trail mix: To add more variety in your snacking options you can add this. You will get individual portions of this that will help in easy distribution but you may also order it in bulk if you have someone dedicated in your office to distribute these. Right combination of trail mix must include dried fruit, seeds, various nuts, and even mini chocolate chips.
  • Health drinks: All your healthy snacking endeavor and efforts will be in vain and leave you in the same place as before if the employees in your office are tempted to grab a can of soda in the afternoon due to get relief from the work stresses. Provide them with other choices and stock other different health drinks in your office kitchen apart from an easy access to pure and fresh water. Consider including different other beverage options such as lemonade, fruit juice, iced tea, or sugarless carbonated options.

Rules of thumb

Rules of thumb

Now that you know about the healthy snacking options in office, how food can affect productivity and well being of your employees, it is time to implement all or a few of these ideas in your workplace. Before you start with your planning there is a rule of thumb to follow for this.

  • Budget well so that you can provide your employees with around fifteen meals per week.
  • Make small changes here and there as these can make a huge difference
  • You may include a fruit basket on specific days and even plan for a potluck for the next month
  • Always plan for optimized returns
  • Consider the generous portion eaters
  • Allow some privacy
  • Respect preferences of workers and
  • Consider the pros and cons.

Slowly but surely, you will be able to bring in the change and spot the difference in the behavior, well being and productivity of your employees and also evaluate the success of your company with healthy eating habits.