Its So Hard to Live-in Relationship in India even in 21st Century

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Indian society has been lately being very much influenced by the western society. One of the many cultures it has adapted itself to is “The Live-In Relationship”. Earlier it did not use to be such a common practice but now we can observe a lot of change. A lot of actors and actresses chose to … Read more

10 super cool romantic Relationship ideas

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Over time many couples start feeling as if they are losing touch with their partners. Well, this quite natural and genuine. This can happen to every and any relationship, especially as in today’s busy scheduled life getting held up in the daily tasks and taking one another for granted is very easy. But luckily there … Read more

6 Benefit To Falling In love Right Now

6 Benefit To Falling In love Right Now

When it’s cold outside, you want warmth and tenderness more and more. But the warmth of a fireplace, a woolen blanket or a burning mulled wine can’t warm you like love. It turns out, among other things, this inspiring feeling also brings many health benefits. 1. Falling in love lowers blood pressure Love lowers blood … Read more