Its So Hard to Live-in Relationship in India even in 21st Century

Indian society has been lately being very much influenced by the western society. One of the many cultures it has adapted itself to is “The Live-In Relationship”. Earlier it did not use to be such a common practice but now we can observe a lot of change. A lot of actors and actresses chose to live in a live-in relationship such as  Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, Abhay Deol and Preeti Desai and many more, though they had to go face a lot of hurdles but it has influenced the youngsters to a great extent to adapt themselves to this style of living, breaking the stereotype.

Like everything, this also has its own pros and cons, especially when you are living in India where culture is giving the utmost value. So we bring to you an outlook to how it is when you are in a live-in relationship in India.

Live in relationship

1. You get to know your partner a lot more.

When you are in a relationship, you wish to know all about your partner. You wish to know what he/she likes, he/she eats, favourite colour, favourite place, favourite singer, and everything. Usually, if you keep on asking questions the other person might get irritated and it may be a mood spoiler many times.

On the other hand, when you are in a live-in relationship with your partner, you get to know about a lot of things automatically. You will be spending so much time together that all those question answer rounds are not necessary anymore. You observe the habits of your partner and it you tend to start remembering things that the other person likes and dislikes.
This, in turn, helps to move your relationship to the next level.

2. You two understand each other better.

When two people start living together, it’s not just about you now but also the other person. So, you make sure your actions don’t hurt the other person and the same is tried by your partner. You start to compromise and adjust for each other. You do things you did not use to even think about earlier and it helps both of you to grow as a person.

 understand each other better

Also, you understand how to tackle the situation when one is happy, sad, disturbed, tired or just requires his/her personal space. You start respecting the other person’s point of you and start understanding the importance of personal space for any individual.

On the other hand, your partner comes to know that whether you can handle him/her at his/her worst situation or would you just leave them alone and pray for them to magically become normal on their own. Will you even be there when he/she really needs you irrespective of how busy your schedule is that day? This makes you two understand each other in a better way and how much you are there for each other. Understanding each other is a very important part of a healthy relationship so you must be sure that you two have a good understanding level.

3. You have to face the society

So you were thinking it is a very good idea to move to a live-in relationship? Yes, it might be but not really if you are in India. Let’s face the reality and just accept that we might show off that we are really modern but it is not the truth. So all those gossip monger aunties will be talking about you all the time with their favourite “haw” and such words in every sentence they say about you. and yeah, they are really that free to talk about you despite all the work they have to do, gossip is their birth right and they shall do it no matter what the circumstances are.  For them a girl and boy just talking normally with each other is such a big issue so how will they leave you two?

They will make sure everyone knows about you two living together and not being married. Sounds horrible, right? But yes they will do it.

Also, your family would not be so comfortable with your plan. They will advise you to not move in with your partner before marriage since they have to answer all the relatives and such things aren’t really a pleasant thing for your parents.

In short, the society is not really going to support you in this decision so either be brave enough to handle all this or do not move in with your partner leaving them alone to fight from the society.

4. It is fun and adventurous to live with a new person.

You two might know each other from a long time but still, when you live with a person all day every day, it is completely different. You get to know how they actually live. Are they a complete cleanliness freak or are they lazy bums to not even care for a bath and lie wherever they get a little space. Do they organize everything way too much or just leave it on time to things happen on their own. This is a completely new person you are going to be with and not just be with but live with them.

It is an adventurous journey to be precise, you never know what is going to happen next, at least for some months. This might be a great idea since it will fill your relationship with the element of fun. Also, you two can play a lot of games together and cook together and all those things which you couldn’t earlier. Now, you can have late night parties and not worry about parents getting angry that you are late or them being worried. Yes, you are going to save yourself from a lot of questions like those but you may have to answer new kind of questions. So be ready for huge changes on your way.

5. It will let you know whether this person is the one for you or not.

It will let you know whether this person is the one for you or not.

Since you live with your partner now, you know how much both of you are willing to give in to keep this relationship keep on going. Like is it like you being more sacrificing or is it equal from both the sides. Are you both okay with each other’s friends and comfortable around them? Do you trust each other enough to spend your lives together? All these questions will be answered without even the use of words and help you to take the final decision about it. It might be really easy for you or it might turn out to be really difficult for you , in any case, it is going to be way more clearer than it used to be so it is a positive thing.

6. Even friends start behaving differently.

I know we all believe we have really modern friends and they won’t think ill of you but you are wrong here. They are also related to those gossip monger aunties who have left an impact on their kids. So your friends might start judging you because of you living with your partner before marriage. Not all but many of them will judge you for this. They are going to talk behind your back for this thing and may take you in for all the plans, however, wild or crazy they might be because since you already are in a live-in a relationship so nothing else is crazier for you. Yes, you are taken as a crazier person now. Congrats! But who cares, right?

7. It won’t be easy to get a place to stay.

Since we are living in a society who is very scared of what the other would say, it will not be an easy task to find a place to stay. The landlords won’t get easily convinced to give you the place no matter how much you earn and are financially stable to give the rent on time. Take it on you, would your parents give a place for rent so willingly to a couple in a live-in relationship? Not really! It is still a taboo and everyone would think many times before keeping such tenants.

8. You might become anti-social soon.

The person you love will be beside you always so your outings will decrease and even if you’ll go it will be just you too.  The frequency of meeting your friends will decrease making it a common joke among your friends. You will rather like to cuddle with your partner instead of dressing up and going out to have a fancy dinner. Well really, think about it. If you had a chance to either cuddle or go out and party, what would you choose? I would definitely go for the cuddling part!

9. Money problems will forecast a lot of things.

Is your partner one with a big heart or one who cribs about money all the time? Is he/she going to let you buy things according to your taste or make you buy things for the home according to them just because you two are equally paying for it? Is your partner overpowering or dominating when it comes to money related issues? You will be able to know all of this as soon as money starts being a factor. You both will live together so you have to work together. This will help to strengthen your relationship as well.

10. Now, you can definitely save your phone bill

Earlier you had to call each other every time not only because it was a compulsion but because you two love talking to each other. Now, you have the whole night to be together so no more talking on the phone and falling asleep while talking. Yes, that means no more fighting about you feel asleep while talking to me. Well, yeah moving in together is going to cost you in many other ways but no more scary phone bills so hurray for that at least.

So now you know how things turn out to be for people who decide to go for a live-in relationship. It might turn out to be a situation where the world is being very judgmental but your relationship will have a clearer picture than before. Like every situation in your life, this will have its own pros and cons and it is you who has to decide how you are going to take it ahead. So Best of Luck for this endeavor if you are up for it and remember where there is love, things will start working out maybe slowly but surely.

Hope you had a good time going through this article.