Traveling to Canada? Know the following things!

A country with sparsely populated regions. Forests out of sight, wonderful grasslands, snowy mountains, more than preserved environment and quality of life with capital “Q” and “V” in urban areas. That alone is reason for you to decide for Canada tourism. However, we will give you some tips for your trip to be unforgettable.

Traveling to Canada

A little of history about canada

Canada was colonized by English and French, so these two languages prevail in the country that has gone through several critical moments in its history, but always left with a lesson, something useful, by the way. Today, Canada is one of the best countries to live in, has a hospitable people and a distinctive culture. You need to read and understand the history of Canada to fall in love and pack in a moment. In other words, going to Canada and doing tourism besides being wonderful will also be important for your learning.

Despite being colonized by English and French, Canada has a very American way of living. This is due to the proximity to the U.S. and also the amount of Americans inhabiting Canadian soil. In addition, obtaining a Canadian visa is much easier compared to the visa to enter the U.S. and the cost of travel to practice Canada tourism is much lower.

In summer, Canadian cities become busy, cheerful and populated. It seems that everyone decides to take to the streets for whatever reason, to enjoy the sun, the heat and all the beauties that the season provides. Already in winter, due to the sweeping cold, Canadians sort of hide in a comfortable, sophisticated and warm world.

How and when to go to Canada for tourism

To go, there are flights from many airports direct to Toronto. Prepare your Canada visa! Now when to go is a question. If you want to enjoy the sun and the longer days the ideal place is the northern region of the country. If you want to go cold and enjoy all the white snow, the Atlantic coast and the interior of Canada is the best choice.

Study and work in Canada

For those who will spend a period studying English in Canada, there is no longer the option to work as they did until 2014. The Canadian government has changed the work policies for immigrants in the country, making it forbidden for language students to spend part of their routine in some activity. professional. The purpose of the Canadian government is to ensure that these students are fully immersed and dedicated to language learning. To work in Canada you must be enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate course, with workload of up to 20 hours per week. For non-students, you must obtain a work visa and authorization to seek employment in the country.

Climate and Temperature

The country is one of the northernmost countries on the globe. This means that Canada’s cold weather is a hallmark of almost all of its cities. Although cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria have relatively hot summers and springs, all Canadian cities can offer winters and cold autumns – a situation that may bother some people who choose to live in the country for some time.


  • Spring: By April, if you want to enjoy spring, you will find a low of 1 ° C and a maximum of 10 ° C
  • Summer: In July, Toronto summer reaches 26 ° C in thermometers
  • Autumn: In October, the temperature begins to fall and the maximum does not exceed 13 ° C.
  • Winter: January is the snow month. The maximum is no more than -1 ° C


Québec is already a colder city, even in summer. Who likes to go to Canada for tourism will have to take their coats out of the closet.

  • Spring: In April, the high does not exceed 7 ° C
  • Summer: July is 24 ° C.
  • Autumn: October is getting colder and the high is no more than 11 ° C
  • Winter: Want to have a temperature of -8 ° C? Take the month of January to leave for Canada to practice your tourism.


  • Spring: April with its 14ºC maximum temperature
  • Summer: maximum 23ºC (Where’s heat, guys?)
  • Autumn: minimum 7ºC / maximum 14ºC
  • Winter: minimum -1Cº / maximum 5ºC, at least not negative!

Canada Tourist Attractions

Niagara Falls (who has seen the woodpecker, knows these waterfalls well), parks with untouched natural landscapes, miles-long underground cities, grandiose monuments, cheaper living costs, and more affordable shopping. Caring for nature is one of the main features of the country and you will realize this once you set foot there. Urban tourism is also strong, as major cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver, and the capital Ottawa have good options for tourist activities.
In Canada what is not missing is something for you to do.
Canada? A country that must be visited, certainly.