Job doesn’t define how good human being you are

Hey.. good human being means what? Who are good and who are not. how we will define. is good human being means a well known doctor, or popular celebrity or famous politician? I don’t think so. i think Job never define how good human being you are. job only tell others that how good or bad you are in your related field. working for feed and living a life is differ.
Do you want to know how? Please read below?

Story Begin-

Once in Indian Ocean a ship with full of passengers was moving forward into sea. in a first row of a compartment four people was sitting together. there was one saint, a lawyer, a well known doctor and cute little girl.
just after 20 minute of travel, pilot detect some problem in ship engine. He detect that problem is very serious. he found himself unable to solved that issue. he was sure that ship is going to crash. no one will save then god.

good human being

so finally he announced that, the ship is going to crash in 10 minute. so people are requested to grab one life-jacket and jump off to save own life. pilot himself take one life-jacket and jumped into water.

lawyer was also smart. how he would loose thing opportunity. he reasoned that lawyer are the smartest people so i deserve to live. Then he jumped off too.
good human being
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oh my god.. what will be now.
there is two person but only one life-jacket.
one must have to sacrifice.



suddenly saint said to little girl- Hey my daughter, you took this life-jacket and jumped off. you save your live. Because i have already live long enough. I have seen and experience this word. but you are not. you are too young and you have to see this world. your whole life ahead.

good human being
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little girl returning that life-jacket and answered with smile to saint. don’t worry Baba. i have one life-jacket. you didn’t notice but i did. The smartest man on earth (that lawyer) just took out my backpack.

Moral-: your job doesn’t define you. definition come out by how much you are a good human Being.