Jayalalitha “The Amma of Tamil Nadu”

After struggling for long 75 days, Jayalalitha died at the age of 68. She was the first lady prime minister who got selected as CM for 6 years. She was admitted to Apollo hospital on 22nd September as she suffered from a lung infection. On Monday 5th Dec’2016 at 11:30 pm she took her last breath. In Tamil Nadu, she is been acknowledge as their God. In her lifespan, she has helped many poor people which have given her the name “Amma”. She also has a canteen called “Amma Canteen” which is said that it’s the cheapest canteen in the nation. When Jayalalitha has arrested hundreds of supporters had suicide.


Jayalalithaa acted in around 300 films. She was the superstar of South India. She was compared to Sharmila Tagore. During those days, the famous Lux brand had signed her. In 14 yrs. (1964-78) she worked for 142 films. At the age of 17, she was the lead actress for the film ‘Venira Adam” (1965). After this film, she got many offers to act. But she always wanted to continue her studies and pursue her career in the advocate. Her mother also wanted the same. Due to her poor family background, she had to quit her studies and work in films, where she would earn a good income. Later the film industry was the career for Jayalalithaa.

How did Jayalalithaa get her name?

Jayalalithaa was only 2 years old when her father had expired. Her mother being a widow had to struggle a lot during that time. She decided to leave Jayalalithaa to her sister’s place in Bengaluru, wherein after that, she left from Mysore to Madras in search of a job. Jayalalithaa’s birth name was Komalavaati. But when she shifted to Mysore at her grandfather’s place, he named her Jayalalithaa. Her grandfather had two houses’ which was named as Jaya Vilas and Lalita Vilas. This is how she got her name Jayalalithaa.


Jayalalithaa had a brother Jaikumar. Due to is illnesses, he totally depended on his sister and servants. After their father’s death and before joining the film industry Jayalalithaa took care of her brother as a Mother. But after joining into politics things got changed. She was separated from his brother and never told anyone the reason for the separation.

What did Jayalalitha do that that supporters acknowledge her as their God?

  • Jayalalitha in Tamil Nadu is known as “Amma”. Her supporters acknowledge her as God.
  • For the supporters, Jayalalitha had initiated low-cost schemes which are famous all over the nation
  • In Tamil Nadu, she had cut down prices from salt to cinema theaters.
  • She always wanted that all the poor people in the society should get what they deserve to
  • Due to her such loving and affection towards the supporters, they have an emotional attachment towards her.


Jayalalithaa’s political journey?

  • 68 yrs. old Jayalalithaa has overall 35 years of political career, out of which 6 years she was the CM for Tamil Nadu and ruled the state for 10 years
  • In 1982 she had joined the AIADMK party where MGR had introduced her
  • In 1983 she was appointed as a propaganda secretary. During this time she was responsible for the AIADMK campaign
  • From 1984 to 1989 she was the member of Rajya Sabha and member of parliament
  • In 1991 she got alliance with Congress party and got many votes and was first time appointed as the CM
  • In 2001 she was again appointed as CM, but the Supreme Court had declared her illegal. Other trustworthy minister. Panneerselvam had to be after the CM.
  • After a relief from madras high court in 2002, she again was appointed as the CM. Then in 2011 she again was the CM of Tamil Nadu
  • In 2014 she was sent to Jail due to misappropriate assets case. But soon in 2015 she was acquitted of charges and once again was the CM of Tamil Nadu.
  • In May 2016, she became the 6th time CM of Tamil Nadu.

Here are few things why Jayalalitha was called as Amma of Tamil Nadu:

Amma Salt:

  • In 2014, Jayalalithaa introduced her brand “Amma Salt” for 14rs. per kg, whereas the market price then was 25 Rs kg.
  • In Tamil, there’s a proverb, “Whoever provides you salt, you will be to be loyal till your last breath to that person.

Amma Canteen:

  • She opened a canteen in the state where she offered the cheapest snacks and food compared to all over India.
  • In her canteen, she sold 2 Idlis only for 2rs.
  • Roti Daal for 3rs and 5rs for lemon rice and curd rice, which included sambhar.
  • In her state people who hold a ration card, she provided them 20kg of rice free

Amma Baby Kit:

  • Keeping in mind the females and poor children she launched this plan for baby kit
  • This plan named as “Amma Baby Care kit”. This kit consisted of mosquito net, mattress, one pair of baby clothes, napkins, baby oil massage bottle, baby shampoo, soap along with soap case, nail cutter, hand sanitizer, etc. such 16 various products.

Amma Cement:

  • Jayalalitha wished that everyone’s house should be strong enough so that in every season they have a peaceful life.
  • In Tamil Nadu, for poor people she imitated this scheme of Amma Cement.
  • In this scheme, one can get 50kg of cement only for 190rs.
  • This scheme was for poor people of the state let it be for people who live in city or villages.

Amma Pharmacy:

  • She wanted that the people of Tamil Nadu should have free treatment and should not struggle for cash during their treatments
  • Many hospitals in Tamil Nadu had Amma Pharmacy which provided medicines at low cost

Amma Mineral Water:

  • In her state, many Bus stops and railway stations sold Amma Mineral Water at only 10rs.
  • She always wanted that poor person should also have clean water so that they don’t fall ill

Amma Cinema:

  • She wanted that poor person should also be able to watch movies in cinemas and get themselves entertained
  • She had 7 theaters in Tamil Nadu which had low-cost ticket fare
  • Besides this Amma TV, Amma marriage halls, Amma call centers, seed, eyeglasses, bicycles to girls, boys, school bags, books, uniforms are also free.

Amma Mobile:

  • For Working Women’s Self Help Group(SHG) Jayalalithaa introduced mobile phones for Trainers

Amma Mixer:

  • The Amma brand is famous not only in Tamil Nadu but all over India, also that this brand is more for Women empowerment
  • She gifted many poor women’s in Tamil Nadu Amma Mixer

Amma Laptop:

  • This laptop was for 26 thousand which was provided for almost 11 lakhs children with free Wi-Fi.