jallikattu | 10 strange rituals around the world.

Our world is full of diversity. somewhere if one things is wrong then it’s not mandatory that it will be wrong in whole world. I gone through some strange rituals like jallikattu, aghori, plunking hair and many more. peoples and these rituals are really strange for common man.

we people are so taboo about sex, but there is some parts in this where where people are so advanced and they don’t feel ashamed to either doing sex before marriage or choosing the partners.Checkout this mind blowing collections of Strange people and their rituals.

  • 1.They stitch girls vagi** to prevent sex before marriage (East Africa).

    girls stitch vagi** to prevent sex before marriage
    Image credit- asiaone.com
    In East Africa, girls in several East African Tribes stitch everything but small opening for urine and to remove menstruation blood.
    Don’t you think this is the hardest and the securest way to avoid sex before marriage.
  • 2. A world where 6 years old kid can have sex but can’t share food (Guinea).

    6 years old kid can have sex but can't share food
    Image credit- pinimg.com
    In New Guinea, there is a tribe which allows children of 6-8 years age to have sex, they can have child sex or child marriage
    but the funny part is that they cannot share their food. Maybe food will lead them for their divorce.
  • 3. Throwing children from 50ft (solapur, Maharashtra)

    jallikattu | 10 strange rituals around the world.
    Image credit- asiantown.net
    Throwing small children off the roof from 50ft is believed good luck in Maharashtra and Karnataka, at baba Umer Durga near Solapur, Maharashtra. And yes it’s been followed for over 700 years. Maybe suicide must have been an upgraded version of the ritual.

    Checkout this video


  • 4. Piercing and Chanting with own body (Thaipoosam, Tamil Nadu)

    Strange rituals in Thaipoosam


    Piercing bodies in Thaipusam festival (in TamilNadu) to honor Lord Murugan.
    It’s followed by a 48 day fast with hooks, vels. Chanting and drumming gets them into a trance in which they perform these activities.
  • 5. A game of Death: jallikattu (similar like bull fight) festival (Tamil Nadu)

    Another Indian Game of thrones, that’s called jallikattu also known by virattu or Eruthazhuvuthal , Tamil Nadu.
    A dangerous and powerful form of sport played in Tamil Nadu for celebrating Pongal festival.
    Many people have died playing this sport. Indian Government has put a ban on this sport now.
  • 6. Aghori: eating humans after cremation and have sex with cadaver (Dead Bodies)

    jallikattu | 10 strange rituals around the world.
    Aghori, the name only scared us and in real the people are really scary Having long dread locks with bodies smeared in ash. They have a belief of ‘purity in the filthiest‘, eating humans after cremation and have sex with corpse.
  • 7. Matrimony site for animals (Assam) one more strange rituals

    strange rituals in assam
    Image credit- animals-zone.com
    Can someone create a matrimony site for animals also. Frog weddings have been seen in villages across Assam, while donkeys are wed in Karnataka and in UP dogs wedding is also performed.
  • 8. Invite cattle to run on your laid body (AA Bail mujhe maar 🙂 (Bhiwdawad)

    strange rituals in bhiwdawad
    Image credit- dailymail.co.uk
    Another massage scheme on the way, real cheapest way. In Bhiwdawad Village people decorate their cattle with colors and flowers and are allowed to run free on road where people are laid flat on the road allowing cows to trample them.
  • 9. Plunk hair by own hand (kesh lochan ritual)

    strange rituals kesh lochan
    Image credit- herenow4u.net
    Want to save some hair cutting money, follow this ritual. Jain monks and nuns renounce their worldly attachment by pulling out each strand of hair one by one from their heads. Then it is covered by dried cow dunk and ash to heal.
  • 10. Now at last, the time is to come for wear genital jewelry (Turkey)

    one of the most Strange rituals as i thought.

    strange rituals in Turkey genital jewelry
    Image credit- Google Image
    The practice of wearing the genital jewelry mostly among Turkey.
    Tribal people from New Guinea’s and people like the new Hebrides also wear
    jewellery on or around the organ to cover and also to exaggerate the size so it looks big.