Be Smart Not Addicted Because Internet Addiction Can Be Poison For You

Internet Addiction

The internet has changed our world today in different ways. Some argue that it is better and some say Internet Addiction are worse. Has it made it easier to communicate.

Some well known authors like David Shenk are firm believers that internet is not such a good thing. In his essay he states that there are too many ways to get side tracked when on the internet.He also points out that on the internet there is never really an end to things.

Present status of internet:

Today, the Internet is a public facility. It is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. For most Internet users, electronic mail replaced the postal service for short written transactions. People communicate over the Internet in a number of other ways including Internet Relay Chat (IRC), video chat or social media. The most widely used part of the Internet is the World Wide Web. Its outstanding feature is hypertext. Internet has continued to grow and evolve over the years of its existence.

The internet is so popular nowadays that almost anyone uses it. It is used by almost any person who tries to connect to one of its networks. It is used by users of any age. It is a rapidly and strongly developing media. It brings people around the world closer together. The increasing importance is because of tbe development. Internet helps people gain all information in the world as quickly as possible. Moreover, because of fast spreading, internet also has a lot of negative effects on student and children. What are the negatives aspects of the internet?

  • 1. Feel Addicted !

    Feel Addicted

    Online games and chatting can be addictive to teenagers, children, and adults. This makes you feel attracted towards them. You no longer feel like spending your time in anything productive. This addiction is up to an extreme level. It is the social networking websites or the gambling ones that they use excessively on the net, you never know. It can result harmful for the development of their mental at such young age.

  • 2. No More Family Time

    No More Family Time
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    Abandonment of family is another of the negative effects of the Especially internet on children and students. They become insensitive. Too much use of the internet will lead them to an isolated world where the internet is their only friend. They can spend hours on using the internet. They have no time for their families and so will start ignoring them. For them, the internet is more important than spending time with their loved ones, talking to them, sharing their sorrows and joys with and being a part of their world.

  • 3. No Time for Important Works

    No Time for Important Works
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    This is one of the negative effects of the internet on children and students that is harming them effectively. Children who grow up using the internet may easily get online and look for anything they want. From the favorite music and TV shows to difficult homework answers. The Internet helps them to give best results. They don’t even feel like using a part of their brains. This behavior is not taken at schools. The teachers expect their students to work for the grades. Students are often unable to understand problems. They also fail to control their time efficiently as a result of which they are not able to complete their work at the time. Even the office workers feel lovely using internet, hardly bothered about their duties.

  • 4. No Play – Makes you a Dull Person

    No Play - Makes you a Dull Person
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    > Absolutely, if you will use net the whole day long then you won’t have time to do any physical activity. You will keep sitting at one place using your phone hardly understanding how worse effects this has on your health. It makes you lethargic. You will be full tired doing small deeds because you no longer will be used to any such physical activity. All you would love is to sit in one place with your phones in your hand. This is surely one of the reasons of increasing obesity problems among youngsters.

  • 5. Cyber Crimes

    Cyber Crimes
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    Internet users are also in danger due to the cyber crimes prevalent in today’s period. They can easily become victims of internet criminals. They make people fool and misuse the information. They can misuse the emails, hack id’s or even misuse your credit card information. Hundreds of websites are made by these criminals to take people in their confidence. The ignorant ones are easily taken and fooled. This has resulted in millions of money loss. To worsen the condition there is a lack of proper cyber laws in our country. So, even if anything mischievous occurs, the criminal easily escapes.

  • 6. Exam Time becomes Cheating Time

    Exam Time becomes Cheating Time

    You run from the exam, don’t you? > And then you get the simple solution to this problem..and that’s cheating. Yes, you cheat. Because it seems to be the simplest way. With the help of the internet, many technologies have developed due to which it is quite easy for the students to cheat in the exams. They prefer these stunts rather than studying hard to get the results. This is where they lack. They don’t get full knowledge of their subjects. They don’t want to work for their grades instead, go for this wrong way.

  • 7. When Google is Here, Why to Fear

    When Google is Here, Why to Fear

    This us your mentality. Isn’t it? Instead of thinking about anything yourself you prefer the easy way out. You search it out at google. You love to do that. You love not to use our own mind. Now, this is the reason why our thinking capacity is limited. Your creativity dies. You are dependent on google completely.

    Basically, this idea is adopted by the students. They get their presentation work and instead of using their own brain they find it easier to search it out on google. This is not good for them because this is making them dependent on their work.

  • 8. Hesitation in Face to Face Contact

    Hesitation in Face to Face Contact
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    You spend all your time sitting with your phones in your hands or laptops in your lap, keep on chatting and using the internet, hardly you know anyone nearby. Now that’s the reason that you may hesitate to talk to anyone when they come in front of you. You may not find comfort to have an interaction with them because you hardly did that any time before in future and that’s where you lost it all. You lose your personality, you lose your power to interact, all you become is a puppet of the internet.

  • 9. You have Time, but Only for the Internet Addiction

    You have Time, but Only for the Internet Addiction
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    Always busy on the internet, you waste those precious hours of yours that would never come back. It seems too interesting, too much fun to spend time on the internet but the side effects are hardly repairable. You can’t bring the time back, can you? This is the biggest side effect. You waste your time not realizing it’s valued and then it might happen that suddenly you feel that you did wrong doing so. But unfortunately now though you have realized nothing would be still in your hands. It is true that, time has passed can never be brought back.

  • 10. Less Sleeping Time Might Harm

    Be Smart Not Addicted Because Internet Addiction Can Be Poison For You
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    Have you ever spent nights using the internet? You probably have. You completely find it a source of entertainment and you hardly feel sleepy using it. Chatting with friends, gossiping, you find them more important than having a calm sleep that is good for your health. And if you continue to do the same, you can suffer from problems like insomnia. It would affect your physical as well as mental growth. Moreover, using internet late night is harmful to your eyes too. As they say, overuse of anything is harmful. But it’s overuse can prove futile.

Internet has both boons and curses. Need to know them and use it properly. If you are in inadequate time that is good for you. But using it all the time is harmful. If you are using it all the time you may miss rest of the experiences of this amazing world. Specially teens should be taught about better online behavior. Don’t let them be the victims of internet and at the same time let them know it benefits too.