Rohan get Hired because He learn the facts of life

Rohan get Hired because He learn the facts of life

Life facts: Getting a job and being a leader is not enough. A successful leader is not that one who just believe in output but who believe on Recognition of hard working and appreciation. Read this awesome story of rohan. you will learn that how Recorgnization and Appreciation Make you strong and popular leader in … Read more

Change yourself to Change Society Read Potter’s Heart Touching Stories

Change yourself to Change Society Read Potter's Heart Touching Stories

An awesome Potters Heart Touching Stories | Read Till End   Image Credit publicdomainpictures {dot} net Once upon a time, there was a potter living in a small village. A day he called by a popular merchant in the city. He wanted to make 100 pieces of clay pitcher (Mitti ka Ghaada). Potter was very … Read more

Chanakya Life Story – Who is He and Why He is So Famous


A Glimpse at the life of “Guru Chanakya” Born to Rishi Canak, Chanakya, was an Indian teacher, economist, and royal advisor. His birthplace is not known but according to Buddhist text ‘Mahavamsa Tika’ his birthplace was ‘Taxila’. While according to other sources he was a South Indian. Traditionally he was known as Kautaliya or Vishnugupta. … Read more

20 most richest and deserving women of the world

Abigail Johnson

Women is an all rounder in herself. She is a mother, a guide and now other then all the roles, she is an economy maker. She has all the powers and can now bring revolutionary changes in the economy. Women nowadays hold different occupations that gives them great authority and responsibility. Earlier power and powerful … Read more

Job doesn’t define how good human being you are

Job doesn't define how good human being you are

Hey.. good human being means what? Who are good and who are not. how we will define. is good human being means a well known doctor, or popular celebrity or famous politician? I don’t think so. i think Job never define how good human being you are. job only tell others that how good or … Read more