how to be happy with family : an eye opener story

A million Dollar Question is that how to be happy without earning too much money? can happiness possible even in lower income? Well yes ! but how? Please read this story below

I miss a very interesting story which I have read some time ago from today. This story connects very well with this question, many people like me are extremely distraught to find the answer to this question.

Once, there was a businessman. He was sitting on the seashore in a village of Brazil and enjoying the breathtaking scenes near the sea. Then businessman looked at a fisherman. He noticed that the fishermen were putting his small boat on the shore of the sea, in which he had caught some big fish.

how to be happy

The businessman was Impressed by seeing this scene and called the fisherman to him and asked him,
“How long does it take for you to catch so many big fishes?”

The fisherman answered the businessman very easily.

oh, not much time just a little while.

The businessman was so amazed and asked the fisherman again, that if you catch so many fishes in such a short time, then why do not you stay in the sea longer?

Why do not you catch more fishes, so you can earn even more money?
The fisherman simply answered to his question that

“it is enough to feed my entire family.”

The businessman again asked the fisherman

“what do you do in the rest of the day?”
the fisherman replied,

“I usually get up early in every morning, and go to the sea, and catch some fishes so that I can feed my family. Then I come back from there and spend some valuable time out of my routine with my children. I play games with them. After that, I take a nap with my wife in the afternoon. And I spend a beautiful evening time with my friends. During that time, we sing songs, play guitar, and dance together.”

The businessman told the fisherman that I give you a suggestion. I have done Ph.D. in business management. I can help you to become a successful person but for this, you must listen to my instructions carefully and follow them.

From now you must have to spend more time in the sea, you can catch more fish and gather more money than you can daily.
Then when you catch a lot of fish and gather enough money. Then you will be able to set up your own company and production plant for distribution and network of canned fish by using those collected funds.

After that, you can buy bigger boats. By then you will have gone so far away from this Sao Paulo village, and there you can establish headquarters for the management of other branches of your company.

The fisherman listened carefully to all the instructions of businessman and then asked him with great eagerness,

what will happen after that?
The businessman answered,

“after that, you will become richer.” Then you can live like a king in your luxurious house and you can spend some precious time out of your daily routine with your family and friends. You can play with your children after coming back from the sea.

Then in the afternoon, you can take a nap with your wife and in the evening time, you can stay with your friends, during that time you and your friends can drink together and sing a song, play guitar and dance together.

The fisherman was confused by businessman’s point of view, thinking for a while, he told the businessman

“but Mr P.hd, still I am doing all this.” Then what would be the benefit of doing so much muffle?

Poor Gentleman was seeing his face and was no speechless.
He learned the value of life in few minute which was not able to understand in his career till.

May be that is the reason that some people are satisfied in their job of 9 to 5 by considering this philosophy but it is really worth to think that how to be happy with current condition.