Avoid 8 Common Mistakes During Group Vacations

Planning your first group vacations can be very thrilling yet intimidating (if you are couple)…
If you think that you already know everything about traveling, we suggest a list of mistakes all typical couples do when beginning to travel. You better avoid them, so stay tuned.

1. Believing in digital technology help alot during Group Vacations

group vacations mistake - Believing in digital technology

We live in a completely amazing digital time, and many objects today are losing their material incarnation. But in those countries through which they travel, people may not have heard about e-tickets, credit cards, and online services. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that a completely simple operation which takes three seconds in your country can be completely unavailable somewhere else. Always carry paper copies of your tickets, boarding passes, maps, and other important documents with you.

2. Avoid Too many things

group vacations mistake - Avoid Too many things

When you are going on a long independent journey for the first time, you want to take with you as much as possible, especially traveling with a girl. Your brain builds more and more ingenious situations, starting with the words “What if suddenly…”, while the backpack is gradually being tamped down to a state of absolute inadequacy.
Stop! Remember that all this you have to carry on your back, and this can turn the journey into torture. Usually, a person needs very few things to live, and those that are lacking can almost always be obtained on the spot.

3. Not doing backups of photos

group vacations mistake - Not doing backups of photos

During travel, we take a lot of photos. Lots of. Previously, there were only two reasons for a photo: a holiday and a trip to the mountains or the sea. Photos are a great opportunity to plunge into pleasant memories of fun time spent traveling, so think about having copies of them.
“Everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” – this famous phrase can become a reality for you if you don’t back up your photos.

4. Plan and discuss every little thing!

group vacations mistake - Plan and discuss every little thing

Not only global things, like dates with your beautiful loved one you have met on single dating web site or directions to travel with your lifetime partner but also what places you want to visit, how much time to spend on the beach, and how much to walk on foot, wakesurf, and squeeze wombats at the zoo. Negotiate everything: by the reaction of your partner, you will understand what you should be prepared for.
Let each of you write a script for a fabulous vacation, and then compare the “readings.” Read the version of the partner, and they should voice yours. This way you can look at the perfect vacation described by someone from the side. Now try to combine the two scenarios into one, turning it into a romantic comedy rather than a thriller with a dramatic finale.

5. Building high expectations

group vacations mistake - Building high expectations

Apparently, on vacation, lovers often expect something special and unusual from each other: some new romance or unusual gestures. But this is not the case if you have known each other for long. By changing the location, we want to change ourselves, thereby misleading our partner. When everything you need is to be yourself and enjoy the moment. This very second will never repeat itself.

6. Missing the life chances

Remember the main character in the movie “Yes Man?” His life gained new colors after decided to always give affirmative responses. The less negation in life, the more likely you will get a new interesting experience. Do not want to jump from a bridge in New Zealand? Remember that learning the unknown is one of the main advantages of traveling. Do not deny yourself a new one just because it is easier to say no.

7. Taking it for granted

Of course, joint leave is a test. You spend together 24 hours a day, plus a flight, a change of time zones, acclimatization… All this knocks out of a stable emotional state and provokes irritation and mutual misunderstanding. And someone else is pathologically unable to compromise. The choice between ancient ruins and a crowded beach becomes a stumbling block for many. So try to still occupy yourself with something other than beaches and cocktails and respect your partner’s choices.

8. Too much credulity

Many people, in their attitude to independent travel, adhere to diametrically opposed points of view. Some believe that the world is full of evil and deceit, so travelers must be offended or robbed. Others, on the contrary, paint reality only with pink colors and believe in peace, friendship, and mutual assistance.
In fact, the world is colored; there exist both pink rabbits and evil gray wolves. You really can be deceived or robbed, so you should not blithely trust every local who offers you their friendship. Be alert and listen to your instincts. If the bell of anxiety starts to quietly ring inside you, then you should refuse even the most tempting offer.