Greediness can kill your life

In this story, you will learn that how Greediness can kill your life. Old generation said truly that, we should SATISFY with our money.

our wealth which god has given us. we should not fix eyes on others wealth.. Please Read below story and share your feedback.

Story begin- How Greediness can kill your life

once upon a time, there was a village near to Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. In that village, there was one bania family living happily. Bania had two kids, Naresh and Diwakar. His life was moving happily. One day they become older. they turn into 22. that Bania was waiting for this time. He called his sons.Bania said-: My dear son, now you have been grown up and now the time has been come to start your job or business. so, I am giving you some capital to both of you. Please use this money wisely and start earning your own.

Both were happy. they Shake head in order to understanding. next 2-minute bania was silence. Pin Drop silence. Suddenly, bania spoke,-: But my dear sons. remember one thing, there is monster available everywhere which will ruin your life. you can not see that monster but you can feel. it’s up to you that how you will deal with that.

After that father opened a locker to pop out the money. as earliest bania open that locker, Naresh, and diwakar mouth become open. that box was full of Diamond Beads, gold, and silvers. father gave some money to both sons and kept that locker just below the bed.

Naresh and diwakar eyes start glistening. they thought that my father has huge precious Gems. why we would go outside to earn money. this gems ( Diamond Beads, gold, and silvers) are enough to live whole life happily.

finally, Monster come into Naresh mind.
what happen if kept the whole box.
what happen I will kill my brother.
it will not divide into two part. I will be the owner of all gems.

at another side, diwakar was thinking the same. both made own plan to kill other.
One side, Naresh, make a delicious food and mixed poison.
when Naresh inter diwakar room. He was also ready to take action.
he was holding a knife. suddenly he attacked and soon Naresh was laid on the floor. he was no more in this world.

the food which was made by Naresh was so savory. that food catch diwakar nose. He didn’t stop himself and start eating that food. very soon he realized own mistake but that was too late. soon he died.Two beloved brothers killed each other for whom.. for nothing.. for that, which was never own. And who were mastermind – that monster.

That bania said true. you can not see that monster but you can feel that monster. it’s up to you that how you will deal with that.

Morel-: don’t be greedy. be happy with what u have and try to have with own effort. things which can not earn by hard working will never with you.

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