Top Funniest Rules Around the World Will Make You Crazy

What will be your reaction, when someone force you to not smile or not flush the toilet.. i am sure you will shocked. And of course, you will say “Oh my God, what the f**k.
it was weird for me too when I went through these some of the funny laws.Immediately I decided to share this weird law with you. Check out all topics and write your comment below.

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  • 10. It’s illegal to die in parliament (England)

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    Don’t die in Parliament, its against the law. If a person feels sick while he is in, he is immediately taken out of the House because its against the law.
  • 9. Chewing gums are banned in Singapore

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    Think twice before chewing a chewing gum in Singapore, you could land up with heavy fine by their Government, phew!! no more gums sticking on to the shoes.chewing gums are banned here since 1992.
  • 8. it’s a legal requirement to smile in Milan

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    In Italy, you need to smile always as the lay says otherwise you could be fined. So frowny faces get some plastic surgery. 🙂
  • 7. In Oklahoma, it’s illegal to make faces at dogs.. isn’t weird

    Image credit- i.kinja-img.com
    Again try to make an ugly face for a dog to get angry or to scold in Oklahoma, the other second you see yourself landed in jail .
  • 6. In Samoa, it’s a crime to forget your wife’s birthday.

    Image credit- giphy.com
    Samoa women’s would be really happy with their husbands, getting gifts at their birthday. Forgetting theirs wife’s birthday would be more costlier than giving a gift on her birthday.
  • 5. Divorce is illegal in Philippines and Vatican.

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    Choose wisely and in all your senses.. Once you select a person and marry, there is no other way out of that relationship.
  • 4. it’s illegal to go out of house without wearing underwear (Thailand)

    Image credit- pursuitist.com
    when in Thailand if you go out without wearing an underwear, to get some fresh air, cops would give you a nice ride.
  • 3. Flushing the toilet is illegal after 10 pm (Switzerland)

    Is that a way to produce pollution, yes Switzerland Government thinks it creates noise pollution.
  • 2. watering grass in rainy season is illegal, water preservation issues (Canada)

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    Mother nature gives us all we require, if you love your garden grass by giving more water in rainy season, you wont be able to see your lovely grass till next year.
  • 1. its illegal to ride bicycle in swimming pool (Thailand)

    Image credit- medmartonline.com

    Who’s gonna ride a bicycle in swimming pool, if attempted could land you up in the jail. So ride the cycle on the streets and don’t forget to wear helmets.

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