Rohan get Hired because He learn the facts of life

Life facts: Getting a job and being a leader is not enough. A successful leader is not that one who just believe in output but who believe on Recognition of hard working and appreciation.

Read this awesome story of rohan. you will learn that how Recorgnization and Appreciation Make you strong and popular leader in an orgnization.

Rohan get Hired because He learn the fact of life

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  • Story begin

    Rohan petkar, a hard working, and intelligent guy, having excellent academic records came to Mumbai for an interview in a top MNC. His parent used to live in a small village near to Nashik.
    He just finished his Post-Graduation and start looking a job. He was so happy by getting a change in an MNC. he went to the company and proceed with several rounds of interview. He cleared all rounds very well.

    After that, time came to the final interview with Company CEO. He look into his CV and get impressed by knowing that, this guy have excellent academic record and also he has earned good points in other rounds of interview.
    suddenly the CEO ask a question.
    you had obtained a degree from one of the reputed college. did you finish this study by getting any scholarship or your parent had paid?
    Rohan said-: No sir, I didn’t get any scholarship. My father has paid all the fee.
    CEO-: Ohh I see, what your father do?
    Rohan-: He is lumberman. he cut the dry woods and sale into villages.
    CEO-: Have you ever cut the woods or ever help your father to chopping wood?
    Rohan.. No Sir, dad never take any help from me. He always wanted me to study hard. he wants to see me a successful person.
    CEO smiled and said- Rohan, listen carefully. I can offer you this job right away but before that, you have to go through with one more task.
    You go back to your home and one whole day you work with your father and at evening you wash your father hand.

    Rohan thought in mind. this is a small and easy test. I can pass easily. he feels that the job is almost guaranteed. He promised to CEO and Return back to home.
    Next day he works with his father, throughout the day. At evening when both were returning from the forest. Rohan was feeling so hungry and exhausted. several places of his hand and legs were injured. suddenly he realized that how his father is living a difficult life. how much he do hard work for me. he was feeling very sorrow that he didn’t help his father in past.
    Now they reached home. Rohan’s mom bring some water. Rohan catches the water and said, papa, I want to wash your hand. Please allow me. Father was surprised that what happened to my son. he is reacting totally different that as usual. However, Rohan starts washing father hand with own hand.

    suddenly tears come on palm. he feels that how his father palm has been wrinkled and there are bruises everywhere. My hand is soft without any bruises but father hand.. oh.. he looks at the sky and said sorry to god. while he was cleaning father hand, sometimes father little cry because son’s hand was hurting to the gap of father’s skin bruises.
    Few minute later, He back to room. All old memories were flashed back.
    How his father does all activities without any excuses.
    He always lives for family.
    that night he spends a lot of time with parent and talks a lot.
    He was very happy.
    Next day he comes back to That MNC and Met CEO.
    CEO asked-: So Rohan, How was your day? what did you think? Please tell me that what are the feelings now which you were missing before?
    Rohan replied-: sir, I got to know about fact of life. I got to know that what “appreciation” is and how it is important. Also by helping my father, I realize that how difficult is to get things done. if we help each other, things get done easily. Appreciation, Helping to others and Identifying the importance make the value in life.

    After listing Rohan’s word CEO said-: exactly this is the key factor which i was looking in my manager. in my team, there is place for someone who can help others, appreciate them and understand suffering of others to get things done. I feel you have earned that quality. So Now “You are hired.”


Morel-: If a person doesn’t care about others hard work or effort to make things usable then he is not a true leader, true leader belief on others. he appreciates the right people and their talent.