Education can buy wealth easily

Education can buy wealth easily

Story begin – Education can buy wealth easily

  • Education can buy wealth easily
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    Once a powerful king went into forest for hunting. Suddenly, dark clouds appeared into sky and rain started cats and dogs. At sunset time, darkness spread in forest, king unfortunately departed from his solder also unable to find the way of his kingdom. Tired and hungry king seat under a tree with disappointment. After sometime, he came to listen voice of human. And all his sadness disappeared and king became hopeful. He has started talking with boys without taking fraction of time.

    All three boys were good friends. They were moving towards the village. Listen boys! ‘ come near.’ Kind called them. When boys went near him, then king asked them – ‘shall i get some water and food from nearby?’ I am so thirsty and hungry also.

    Boys answered him – ‘sure’. Let us bring something from home. They went to village and immediately bring water and food with them. King was impressed with enthusiasm and love of boys.

    King said – “dear boys! What is your goal for life? I wanted to help each of u.”

    After thinking for a while one boy speaks – ‘i want money. I never had sufficient food. Never got good cloths that’s why i want only money. King replied with smile – ok. I will give you good amount of money to live life happily. After Listening these words, boy became so Happy.

    Second boy asked with joy- “will you give me one big bungalow and a horse-cart ?” King said – if you want these only then your wish also be fulfilled.

    Third boy said – “i don’t want money nor bungalow-car. You just give me a blessings from which i can get education and i can be a big knowledgeable person. After completing education i can serve my nation. King was impressed after listening third boy’s wish. He has arranged the best education facilities for that boy. He was a hardworking boy. He has studied day and night and became big knowledgeable person. At one point king had appointed him a minister in his kingdom.

    One day suddenly king came to remember about these past incident. He asked minister , “before many years two more boys were with you, what they are doing these days…. i wanted to meet you all three of you together. Invite both of your those friends for a meal.”

    Minister has invited both and the next day both present in front the king.

    ‘Today i am happy to see you all three together one more time. I know about him who is my minister…. but you both tell me what you both are doing these days since we meet last. “, king said by putting his hand on the shoulder of minister.

    The boy which asked for money said with grief, “king, i have done a great mistake that day by asking for money. I became so lazy after getting that much money. And i have spend money like water, big part of my money has stolen….. and around in one year i have reached the same situation as before.”

    The boy asked for bungalow-car also started crying, “sir, i was living in my house with so pride, but in storm attack before some years I have lost everything and i have reached at the same previous situation.

    After listening their matter king speaks, “understand one thing very clearly, money won’t make your way all the time. But knowledge helps the person at every stage of life and none can steal it from you. Only education makes the person big and give power to face each situation in life. Money may be vary as per time but knowledge always increase. The main moral is only “education” and “knowledge” is the real property one can have till the last breath. It has power to bring each and everything to us which money can’t. Stay knowledgeable !!

Education can buy wealth easily