To 10 Beautiful Countries where Indian currency will make you feel rich

Everybody wants to go abroad, and everybody loves to travel. But the main problem is that you think Indian currency (INR) is weaker than other countries. If you think so then maybe you are wrong, there are many countries whose currency is much lower than INR. And if you love to travel and want to go on a tour to abroad without losing much your pocket then now you are at right place. Today we are going to tell you about top 10 beautiful places where you can spend your money like a king without spending much money.

1.Nepal: (Nepalese rupee)

Nepal Market

It is one of the best attractive neighboring countries of India with unbelievable and wonderful mountain peak sights. House of the tallest peak in the world, Mount Everest, this region is an ideal destination if you are in the mood for trekking at lofty altitude and discover some escapade in the rocky wilderness. One rupee is 1.6 Nepalese Rupee and you will still be paying in rupees, but at twice the value you can pamper yourself in all things from white water rafting to some of the marvelous jungle safaris at Chitwan. As all of us know that the Mount Everest and seven other tallest mountain peaks in the world are all in Nepal. This adds it to the list of must-pay-visit places.

Currency Value: 1 INR = 1.6 Nepalese Rupee
Visa Requirement: No Visa required

2. Bolivia: Boliviano

currency Boliviano

The ground of Bolivia will make you experience like you can touch the sky. Astonishing culture and custom, convoyed by a great cuisine justify a sure stopover at least once in your lifetime. This area is so economical to visit, stay and enjoy that you won’t even believe one rupee equals 0.11 boliviano. If you are keen to get some escapade, accompanied by some memories of pure rest, this is the place to be. If you are eager to get some adventure, accompanied by some moment of pure relaxation then Bolivia is the place to be. Along with this hotels and flatlands are insanely cheap, if you want to do some savings. You can hit up Rurrenabaque, a small town with a jungle and river close by.

Currency Value: 1 INR = 0.11 Boliviano
Visa Requirement: No visa required

3. Sri Lanka: Sri Lankan Rupee

Sri Lankan currency
Sri Lanka food rate

Sri-Lanka is a homeland of mountains, beaches and lush greenery, being the perfect destination spot for any travel enthusiast. This attractive island has everything to present within the restricted limit of the Indian rupee. And since Indian money also have a high worth over there, you can do shopping, eat good and live luxurious without even thinking twice any bit.

Currency Value: 1 INR = 2.20 Sri Lankan Rupee
Visa Requirement: E-visa and visa on arrival available for Indian nationals

4. Vietnam: Vietnamese Dong

Vietnamese Dong currency
food rate in Vietnamese Dong

Vietnam is a perfect travel destination where the Indian rupees rules and you can experience the diverse culture and traditions of Vietnam. It is a place where Indian rupee feels ruling and your eyes and mind will be delighted with what they see. This land looks like as if being engraved out of an unbelievable story and the food here is simply hard to believe. Since the Indian currency is far stronger, the ethnicity, the people, the picturesque landscapes make it the one must travel destination for tourist especially the Indians. War museums, French colonial architecture and scrumptious Vietnamese cuisine and rivers where you can go kayaking are the major attractions over there.

Currency Value: 1 INR = 338.35 Vietnamese Dong
Visa Requirement: Visa and a valid passport required

5. Costa Rica: Costa Rican Colon

currency Costa Rican Colon
Costa food price

Its beaches and tropical climate all year round is one of the reasons why it is preferred so much by tourists. You can expertise the excessive variety of flora and fauna at an awfully nominal fee of expenditure. Volcanoes, Jungles and wildlife are the primary points of interest for the visitor.

Currency Value: 1 INR = 8.20 Costa Rican Colon
Visa Requirement: Single entry visa for 30 days

6. Cambodia: Cambodian Riel

Cambodian Riel

Cambodia is another perfect travel destination where Indians can spend money on sightseeing and adventure activities like kings and queens. Living luxurious life on Indian currency at this place is extremely affordable. You should be accustomed with that fact that 1 INR will worth here 63.93 Riels. You can visit the Royal Palace, National museum and archaeological ruins to understand more about the culture of Costa Rica.

Currency Value: 1 INR = 60.59 Cambodian Riel
Visa Requirement: Valid passport and single entry visa for 30 days

7. Mongolia: Mongolian Tugrik

currency Mongolian Tugrik
Mongolian food price rate

Nick named as the ‘Land of blue skies’, Mongolia is the perfect place for you to experience peace and the natural beauty far away from the noisy and polluted city life. This area looks like a land frozen in time, with huge plains and regal Mountain. Mongolia still has its exclusive charisma, being very unusual than any other countries. See the flats where the majority of dinosaur remnants have been exposed to date. And yes, miles and miles of unharmed empty space still lives here. If drinking is your all-time favorite activity then there’s vodka ubiquitously! Mongolia is famous for its nomadic lifestyle and vast open spaces filled with lush greenery.

Currency Value: 31.80 Mongolian Tugrik
Visa Requirement: Single entry visa for stay up to 3 months

8. Hungary: Hungarian Forint

currency Hungarian Forint
Hungarian Food price rate

Hungary is a beautiful European country for you to explore and also save your pocket side by side. It is a country well-matched to visit for a person who works in rupees. Lodging is cheap and food incredible. Reside in some old world magic with royal architecture. And the capital city, Budapest is one of the most romantic cities of the world. Excellent wine, great spas, friendly people and still no cracks in your pocket, what more can we declare? So you shop, eat and spend some quality time with your loved ones as much as you want without worrying about the expenditure.

Currency Value: 4 Hungarian Forint
Visa Requirement: Valid passport and visa required

9. Indonesia: Indonesian Rupiah

currency Indonesian Rupiah
Indonesian food rate

In the recent times Indonesia has become a great tourist attraction destination with all the beautiful and neat islands, clear blue waters and tropical climate. Where else will you find a perfect mix of sandy beaches, lush paddy fields, mysterious temples with scintillating architecture, rejuvenating massages that make you forget all your worries, the Komodo dragon, active volcanoes that you can climb and world-class water sports facilities, all in one country? Indonesia really takes the cake for a value for money vacation that literally has everything you’ve ever dreamed of. And of course, some of that dark, rich Kopi Luwak! Bali, Yogyakarta, Gili Islands, and Flores. And since our currency is very strong here, so you can live a luxury lifestyle with very few amounts of money.

Currency Value: 208 Indonesian Rupiah
Visa Requirement: Visa on arrival for 30 days

10. Paraguay: currency – Paraguayan Guarani

currency Paraguayan Guarani

Paraguay is all about adventure, beautiful landscapes and serenity. Its outdoor adventure includes waterfall rappelling, water rafting, and other opportunities to feel you are alive. There just isn’t any other place where your Indian rupees have such great value.

Currency Value: 88.20 Paraguayan Guarani
Visa Requirement: Visa required


So these were the best 10 places to visit where Indian currency is stronger than their currency. There are much more but we picked only 10 and best places which is worth to go. I hope you liked it. And don’t forget to share your opinion with us in comment box. Keep visiting our site for more interesting and helpful details.

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