Best 11 Christopher Nolan movies

Christopher Edward Nolan born on 30 July 1970 is a British-American movie director, producer, and screenwriter. His executive efforts have earned more than US$5.1 billion around the world, gathered 34 Oscar nominations and ten successes.

Brought up in London, Christopher Nolan built up an interest in filmmaking since early age. He studied English literature at University College London and after that he made his part debut with Following in 1998.

Nolan’s movies are normally established in epistemological and metaphysical themes, investigating human profound quality, the development of time, and the flexible nature of memory and personal identity.

His work is recorded by exactly inspired images and ideas, unconventional narrative structures, practical improvements, test soundscapes, large-format film photography, and materialistic perspectives.
He has co-composed a few of his movies with his brother Jonathan, and runs the creation company Syncopy Inc. with his wife Emma Thomas.

His father, Brendan James Nolan, was a British publicizing chief who functioned as an innovative director. His mother, Christina, was an American airline steward who might later fill in as an English teacher.

Christopher Nolan has given very good movies to the industry. His famous and top 10 movies are as follows which has left very impressive image: –

Top 11 Christopher Nolan movies list –

1. Tenet

One of the best movie from Christopher Nolan in last 2020
Christopher Nolan Movies Tenet 2020

Christopher Nolan movie Tenet is a super hit movie of 2020. It is an action movie and about a secret agent who has a single word as his weapon and sent to prevent the onset of World War III. He must travel through time and bend the laws of nature in order to be successful in his mission. This movie is great to watch with family. This movie by Christopher Nolan is impressive one of 2020 and his direction work is superb in this. Must watch movie.

2. Inception

Christopher Nolan  movies Inception

Inception released in 2010. Movie tied in with investigating moving layers of illusion inside various mazes of human awareness. Either that, or it’s just about a person who truly needs to make a Bond film.

Locate the centre of the labyrinth that Inception is worked around and you will locate a classic heist film – Christopher Nolan adoration for old-school spy flicks giving his wonderfully dreamlike dreamscapes genuine blockbuster edge.

The sharpest film of any mid-year since and the most popcorn-eating, heart-halting, IMAX-busting roller coaster to actually be mistaken for an arthouse outside the box – this is the thing that huge spending plans are intended for.

3. Interstellar

Christopher Nolan best movies - Interstellar

This is 2014 movies. The shadow of Stanley Kubrick poses a potential threat over Christopher Nolan profession, and it was 2001: A Space Odyssey that demonstrated the greatest standard for his own weird science fiction creation – a shockingly passionate family story about adoration, confidence and non-attendant fathers seen through NASA-sized focal points, taking off dark opening visuals and test speculations of relativity. Not many movies have ever attempted to make so much progress and still come out inclination so close to home.

4. The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

This movie released in 2018 and considered as a best superhuman film? Sandwiched between the foundation of Batman Begins and the last details of The Dark Knight Rises, the centre section of Christopher Nolan set of three is a totally painful climax of structure, tone and air. Immediately notable after Heath Ledger’s wired execution caught the desperate threat provoking under the top of the late noughties, The Dark Knight defined an entire period of blockbuster film.

5. The Prestige

The Prestige

This movie came in 2006. This Christopher Nolan movies have made a horrendous entertainer, however he obviously knows all that could possibly be needed about the individual fixation, logical exactness and primary instability of stage magic to turn The Prestige into perhaps the most spotlessly made spine chillers ever constructed.

Additionally, he cast David Bowie as Nikola Tesla, which effectively acquires it another couple of stars.

6. Dunkirk


It is released in 2017 and this is a large amount of Christopher Nolan best work depends on the intensity of sound – none more so than Hans Zimmer’s expanding score for Dunkirk, which sets the entire movie to the sound of the chief’s own pocket watch. Unpredictably developed in three covering stories, Nolan resets the hours, minutes and seconds of history to make outstanding amongst other war films ever constructed.

7. Batman Begins

Christopher Nolan movies Batman Begins

Following 15 years of relentless hero motion pictures it’s difficult to recall exactly how ground-breaking Batman Begins was in 2005. Three years before Iron Man kicked off the MCU, and eight years after Batman and Robin sank DC, Christopher Nolan developed Bruce Wayne into an adult screw-up – similarly as dim, grasping and mentally mind confusing as a film about a rough tycoon with parent issues should be.

8. Insomnia (2002)

Insomnia - 2002

Insomnia came in 2002 which is story of a laden, tension ridden criminologist story set in a blanketed town where the sun never sets, Christopher Nolan lays on the same amount of style as substance – his cool, delightful stylish in any event, concealing executioner exhibitions from Al Pacino and Robin Williams.

9. Memento


Nolan began investigating the subjectivity of the universe and playing with wormholes, Christopher Nolan made an entire film in reverse – with Memento in 2000, spine chiller content happening backward as an amnesiac attempt to recall who murdered his better half. It very well may be somewhat of a one-stunt horse yet it’s a damn smart one, and Nolan’s first large riddle box is as yet exciting to address in any event, when you definitely know the appropriate response.

10. Following

Christopher Nolan | Following

This movie came in 1998. Christopher Nolan first element is generally known for its initial glimmers of virtuoso; however, it likewise remains as an educated, exceptionally regulated spine chiller all alone.

The narrative of an author who chases after outsiders prior to getting messed up in a neo-noir murder secret – it’s savvy, sharp and uncompromising.

Shot on 16mm stock for $6,000, all with a beginner group who allowed up their ends of the week to help out, Following proved that Nolan is similarly as able painting on a little canvas as he is utilizing one the size of a plane holder.

11. The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan movies list - The Dark Knight Rises

This movie came in 2012.The third part of Christopher Nolan fundamental Batman set of three is thick, difficult and loaded with plot openings, yet it’s actually better than most other hero films.

It seems like it scarcely even needs to be a superhuman film by any means. Nolan’s last epic about the Caped Crusader is more keen on shooting the shadows cast by its solid characters and wrapping up speculations of common obligation than it is in arranging summer set pieces. This one is very interesting movie to be watched.

Please Note – Number is not indication that one is better or worse then other. this is just a list of best movies from Christopher Nolan. All movies are really fantastics/mind-blowing and i must recommend to watch all these movie at least once