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An awesome Potters Heart Touching Stories | Read Till End


Once upon a time, there was a potter living in a small village. A day he called by a popular merchant in the city. He wanted to make 100 pieces of clay pitcher (Mitti ka Ghaada). Potter was very happy as he got a big order. He went merchant outhouse and started working. After few days of working his Potter’s Wheel goes broke-down. Now he was not able to do any work without that potter’s wheel. It was difficult for him to go back to the village and collect another one. So he decides to go nearby town and buy the same so that he can start work soon. He inquired about Potter’s Wheel maker and find one person named sohan who make wheels.


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He went to a sohan shop and inquired – “Brother, my potter wheel has broke down. May you make one for me?

Sohan answered, “I will do that, but it needs some time. You can collect your wheel tomorrow by this time.” The potter was in rush. So he said, “Brother, Take some extra amount but make that on urgent basis! “

“It’s not about money brother… If I do in hurry, then I can’t do satisfactory work. I never make any mistake in my work. I always work wholeheartedly” wheel maker explained.

Potter understood his concern and collected his wheel very next day. That wheel was made by good interest and with the extra touch. Now potter was able to work more smoothly compare to old one.

Potter share that story with merchant and praise about that person for making the best potter wheel.
Merchant also had a deep eye on that wheel.
“How much he charged for this tool?” merchant asked.
“Ten Rupees only!”
what? Only ten Rupees?. Merchant shows his expression with surprise.

Merchant thought in his mind, in our city anyone will pay thirty rupees of this good wheel. Why don’t we order for hundreds of wheel and earn a huge profit?

Next day Merchant went to the sohan and said, “I will give you an order for many wheels and will pay you ten rupees. But I have a condition… From today you will do work for me only. You will not sell this wheel to anyone else directly.”

“I can’t accept your condition.” Sohan rejected this big offer!

The merchant thought that this person might need more money. He said, Okay! I will pay you fifteen rupees per wheel… Now are you agreeing my condition?”

Sohan said, “I just can’t accept your condition in any situation. I only will decide my work’s price. I can’t work for you. I am satisfied with this price. I do not need more money from this work.”

“How strange person you are… How anyone can refuse to take a big amount of money?” merchant asked with surprise.

Sohan said, “You will buy wheels from me and then you will sell that to poor potters with a heavy price. I can’t be a part in the exploitation of any poor person. If I will be greedy then many people have to pay its price that is why I am refusing your offer.”

Merchant finds the correct answer which touches his heart. There was no point remain to discuss. He got to know that no one can buy a true and honest person.

It is a sign of great nature to think about other people of society besides us. Sohan was easily able to get more money, but he decided to go with the generous path of life. He knew that many people will suffer from his greedy decision. So he didn’t go with merchant’s offer.

Friends, if we will observe our life closely, sometimes many people suffer from our greed or selfishness. However, by knowing all these, we do that work for our profit. I think we have to make some change in our behavior or way of thinking to make great changes in our society.

If we also keep on copying other people’s rule then no change will take place. Always need to change from our own. A small change will make a very big impact on society and nation, Make sure our decision won’t affect any people and make them in a problem. Choose right way and get good result!!