Yummy Coffee Made from Elephant Excrete

There are different kinds of food items in the world. They are made of different ingredients. Some taste nice some are not that loved due to their bad flavor. On the other side, there are some food items that are too good in taste, we can say that their taste is mesmerizing but when we see them we feel just the opposite. Here, I would discuss about “Black Ivory Coffee” about which you can presume the same.

It is a brand of coffee produced by the Black Ivory Coffee Company Ltd. It is made with the help of Arabica coffee beans.

Where it is usually made :

The manufacture of black ivory coffee is done in North Thailand.

How it is made :

The unusual fact about this is that it is made from the seeds which are present in elephant’s dung. Seems yukk right!

The price :

The price of this unusual coffee is 1,100 dollars. If we talk in rupee, then it costs around 67,000. It is counted one among the most expensive coffee in the world. The high price of the product is mainly due to the cause that large number of coffee cherries needed to produce the finished product.

If we talk about the most expensive one, it is “Luvak”, which is also made of animal dung and it’s price is 2 lakh.

The manufacture process :

In order to make this coffee, elephants are made to eat raw coffee beans. They digest it and then discharge the waste (dung). The coffee beans are digested within 15 to 70 hours. They are present with various other ingredients in the elephants’ stomachs. This is helpful to impart specific flavors to the product. Ivory coffee beans are then separated from this dung. It is observed that to get 1 kg of ivory coffee beans, manufacturers have to feed elephant’s with around 33 kg of usual coffee beans.

The beans are taken out from the dung by professional elephant trainers. Later these beans are kept in sunshine and after the are ready they are grinded to make out black ivory coffee.

Availability :

The availability of Black Ivory is very limited. If we talk about hotels then it is available at a few luxury hotels. This is available at the price of 50 dollars a cup. It’s supply is dependent on the availability of coffee cherries and the appetite of the elephants. It also depends on the number of beans destroyed through chewing of the beans and the ability of the mahouts to recover intact beans. 33 kilograms or 72 pounds of raw coffee cherries results in one kilogram or two pounds of the finished coffee product.
Another fact here is that most of the beans are not recoverable. It is because they are chewed by the elephants and become fragmented. It may also happen that after being excreted these are lost in the bush.

So, this is how one of the most expensive coffee of the world is made. An interesting fact to know here is that this coffee taste too good and is not at all bitter.