15 Best Way To Put Yourself Into Festival Spirit

India, being a land of festivals many festivals are celebrated here every year. But we forget to have a festival feel and enjoy ourselves. Eves can never be a stressful time. Time is to share 15 ways to put a little jingle back into your step and joy in your heart! These ideas will help you celebrate this special season!

1. Listen To Your Favorite Festival Music!

Listen to your favorite festival music!

When I am cleaning or decorating the room where eve party is going to organize or a tree, I like to listen to peppy, funny music. Being in the mood to enjoy the festival fully the most important thing is to enjoy it wholeheartedly.
Festival music is such a special treat. Almost each and every one of us who celebrate this festival love to listen to it this time of year. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and enjoy the soothing music.

2. Fill Your Home With The Scents

Fill Your Home With The Scents

Festival are there to enjoy. We decorate our homes beautifully. Let’s take the example of Christmas, A Christmas tree is also decorated. Aromas can add to your memories of Christmas. So, here is the time for you to fill your home with scents of cloves, evergreen, vanilla and other delicious Christmas scents.
My favorite way to do this is a mixture of different essential oils. If you are an “oily” girl or guy you might like my favorite Christmas combination too. Another way of making your place smell wonderful is by buying different scented candles. There are also so many beautifully scented candles that can create a perfect Christmas scent in your home!

3. Cut Down Your TO-DO List


Over excited for eve and planning to do everything yourself is not something that can make you comfortable and enjoy the eve. You need to make a to-do list and distribute it to your mates. It is not just a festival but a time to do fun and be happy.
Though you might love to make cookies and decorate your home but yet the work should be divided among your fellow members. You should not do all the work. If another person lives in your home share the work. In this way, you will enjoy the fun and that too together. Do things that make your life and the season easier. Make it a more enjoyable day! Ask for help from your family and friends and rock the day.

4. Decorate Your Homes And Make It Beautiful.

Decorate your homes and make it beautiful

Decorating our homes at a festival is really fun. It’s not like you need to spend your entire day planning for this and then decorating things up. All you need to spend is your 40 minutes time. How fun would it be to pour yourself into a decoration and that too the one which only took 10 minutes to do? We can easily find 10 minutes of our day to make something beautiful. Making a deliberate effort to only concentrate on that one thing for 10 minutes will give our minds timeout which is seriously required. There are lots of 10 minute decorating ideas that you can go for.

5. Read The True Story Behind The Festival.


If you are not feeling very enjoyable don’t worry, give yourself a break! The manner in which we celebrate eve is far different from the real-deal first eve. Do you want to really get the true meaning of festival? Then, what are you waiting for? Read about it in the related books. One cannot enjoy any festival if he doesn’t know the real motive behind it. So, want to feel and enjoy it fully go for story.

6. Watch A Festival Movie.


Deck the halls and get in the spirit. Festival traditions light the fire of spirit. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to start off the holiday season with your friends and family.

7. IN Christmas, Find The Perfect Christmas Tree For Yourself.

IN CHRISTMAS, Find the PERFECT Christmas tree for yourself

Get ready, pack up yourself and go out to search a perfect Christmas tree. Whether you visit a tree lot or tromp it is hard to not catch the Christmas spirit which is surrounded by Christmas trees.

8. Countdown To Day

Countdown to day

Sit with your family at a place and connect paper strips marking each day until the fest. This is a funny alternative to the regular advent calendar. It is a great way to create excitement for the holiday season. This will definitely add to your favorite traditions.

9. Have A Hot Chocolate

Have a hot chocolate

Decorate your home along with a special tradition. Here you need to take the time to remember where loved ornaments came from, and what makes them special. Try a few new decoration ideas.

10. Get crafty

Get crafty

Get involved with making handmade gifts. These can be used to share with friends and neighbors. May these are sweets, lightings, gifts etc. People love gifts and expect gifts during festivals. So, the best and cheapest option is to get crafty and make gifts for near and dear ones and make them feel happy.

11. Give Back To Others

Give back to others

Holidays can be a tough time for some people. There are many individuals and families that miss out on holiday gifts. They miss a hot turkey dinner, along with other daily necessities. Here the best way is to talk to your kids about the true holiday spirit of giving. It’s you who have to make them understand how you can help a family in need. You can create a hamper for a family in your community. You can even start a food or clothing drive or contact your local food bank or shelter for other great ideas on how all can give back this eve.

12. Make Ornaments

Make ornaments

Creating a new ornament each year. This can be a wonderful tradition. Especially for kids, this is very good as they get excited when they see their handmade decorations. They would love to see these decorations from years past hanging on the tree. Also, making your own ornaments is a fun. It is the best way to show your holiday spirit. This is also an excellent low budget idea for sweet gifts. These gifts are perfect for family friends, teachers and co-workers!

13. Visit Santa Claus As In Xmas

Visit Santa Claus as in Xmas

We cannot feel like Christmas, till the arrival of Santa Claus. It’s time to take a break from shopping and visit Santa Claus. This is very important for children as Christmas is love for them. They feel super excited for Christmas. Take pictures and memorize everything. This is great way to cheer yourself and make great memories for years to come.

14. Drive Around To See Lights

Drive around to see lights

Take your car and drive around lit up neighborhoods. This will definitely bring in new and different ideas regarding decorations. Make sure to bring candy canes. Festival is mere beautiful day when you decorate your home with different lightings and decors.

15. Meet Your Friends And Party Hard

Meet your friends and party hard

The best way to feel like that of the festival is to be with your near and dear ones. Friends and family can add up to your happiness and that’s what makes the festival more enjoyable. So, pack your things and get ready to party hard. Bring in your snacks, drinks, play hard music and rock your day.

So, in end what are you waiting for, here are best ideas to give your festival a new shine and fill your lives with happiness.