Top 10 best exercises for weight loss

A healthy body leads you to a healthy lifestyle. “Health is wealth” is a very much true phrase for the human body. We all want to make our body in shape and maintain it forever. For that, we need to focus on Top 10 best exercises for weight loss. But many of the time we are dealing with a lack of guidance about perfect and effective exercises for losing weight.

Here had a full list of weight loss exercises to make you fit and fine.

1. Walking

My Best exercises for weight loss)

exercises for weight loss

  • Walking will improve heart and lung fitness, makes bones and muscles strong. Walking burns 100 calories per kilo meter. This can be considered as the most appreciated  exercises for weight lossIt has been said that every person must do a walk for at least 30 minutes per day to exercise to make their physical and mental health in tune.
  • This is the kind of exercise that does not require any type of costly equipment, or any special preparation before doing it. You can decide once and just go out. You can make that exercise anywhere nearby your living.
  • A person can joint that exercise with their day-to-day work and take double benefit of weight loss exercise.

2. Cycling

  • Whenever we went to any environmental program, the most common pledge we take is to use cycle and save the environment. This will do a double benefit, as one as best  exercises for weight loss and second is we help to save the environment.
  • Cycling will build our body stamina, muscle power and do a weight loss in extra. You can improve your balancing, coordination, and judgment power with cycling.


3. Swimming

  • Swimming also  comes under a best exercises for weight loss. Swimming can be related to people of all age groups. The different styles of swimming will let you do weight loss while enjoying swimming.
  • This weight loss exercise will tone your body also all-over body workouts can be made while swimming. This can be considered as one of the most relaxing and enjoyable exercises. It will improve your flexibility, balance, and body posture.


4. Skipping

  • If you are always in rush for time. Many of the time we may want to do weight loss exercise but our hectic schedule stopping us from doing it consistently.

Skipping or rope jumping is considered a whole body workout. This is an excellent way to burn celeries. One of the most attractive thing about jumping is this will take less time as compared to other exercises. This exercise will be defiantly a best exercises for weight loss


5. Circuit Training

  • When we have aimed to reduce weight, circuit training is available to make your body look toned. The circuit training is developed with 4-5 continuous exercise at a time and keep it repeating in the same manner.
  • This one of the exercises for weight loss will build your body strength and stamina. These combinations of exercise are can be made vary as per individual requirement. This will boost up your energy level and put your limits to the next level.

6. Yoga

  • Yoga is practicing by human lives for 50 centuries. Yoga asana helps our body to maintain its natural health and beauty. Different yoga practices are considered as best exercises to make your body fat-free.
  • Yoga is beneficial for many diseases like hypertension, heart and lung disease, pain, and stress relief. On the side results, yoga makes you sleep better, brighten your mood and skin, and spread positivity in your mind. In short, this is considered a wholesome exercise for the body and precautions against all health-related problems.

7. Interval Training

  • You might be trying to guess about it from its name. This is High-intensity interval training. This exercise will make your heart rate flows up and back again. This will require an interval in between. For example, indoor cycling. You do it at high speed and take a break.
  • This high-speed exercise requires lots of muscles to work together and this will burn enough amounts of body calories.  You know, best exercises for weight 900 324 loss list is incomplete without interval training. Its high energy consumption makes us lose weight.

8 Kick Boxing

  • Apart from stress buster, kickboxing will burn a quite good amount of calories. This requires your core strength and arms, legs muscles to work effectively. Kick Boxing will energies your body.
  • This exercise is working as most coordinated and powerful. That will affect your weight loss processKickboxing can also be used for self-defense and increase confidence level.

9. Sports

  • There are many youths are there who is not available to spend special time doing exercise. They can take help of any sport like football, basketball, soccer or cricket. Sports will give you entertainment as well as maintain body fitness.
  • While playing sports, we never realize how much weight loss we have done effortlessly.

10. Jogging

  • Jogging is quite an easy exercise for weight loss. You can do jogging outside or in-place jogging. This will give burn your body fat gradually. Jogging will always help you to strengthen your leg and stomach muscles.
  • Jogging is considered an option for running exercise. This can be done by all age groups. Jogging on the grass surface and sunny atmosphere will boost up your fitness level.

To do exercises is much necessary when we spend most of the day hours sitting and facing a screen in this digital life, whether we are at the office or home. This exercise will help you a lot to burn fat, improve metabolism and make you lose weight, and keep you in shape again.

What exercise will burn most body fat?

Well, so many exercises related to cardio such as cycling, interval training, and jumping works as best exercises for weight loss. You can get all detailed ideas about losing weight from the above article.