Top 10 best app locker for iPhone

Still, if you are worried about the data on the phone or how to make sure that no one else is accessing your data, you can read this article. This is because we explained that we will provide a solution related to the app locker for iPhone. Questions about phone privacy.

Oftentimes, we have to hand the phone over to someone for some reason, but at that point, we are mostly worried that it will not reach our data. The solution to this problem provides an application lock. With these locks, you can fully protect the apps you need with a password or pattern lock. However, finding these useful app locks is a difficult task because there are many types of security apps on the App Store that don’t work well.

So, we have prepared a list of 10+ app locker for iPhone. This app is selected by analyzing the user rating download function and more. Some of these apps can be downloaded from the AppStore and others must be downloaded using a third-party website. There are also free ones, so some have to pay.

1. Locker: hide photos and hide apps

Locker: hide photos and hide apps

This is an advanced app locker for iPhone. With this help, you can completely protect all the data that you don’t want to share with others. This way you can lock any app. Apps that don’t want the app to appear may disappear from the Home screen completely. With these tips, you can use your PIN code or fingerprint to protect various data on your phone.

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2. Bio protect app

Bio protect app

The bio-lock app locker room was announced in 2000, a renowned developer of Cydia. This app locker for iPhone is very different from other app locks to provide the app locker for iPhone folder lock function. Fully configurable switches, applications, and parameter panels.

With this help, you can use Touch ID to configure iPads and switches. The interface of the app is very simple, so anyone can use it comfortably.

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3. Fingerprint Login- iPhone app lock

Fingerprint Login- iPhone app lock

The fingerprint login and password app are some of the best app locker for iPhones that can completely protect your iPhone data. In addition to the password to use the app, a fingerprint sensor can also be used, so there is no need to repeatedly enter the password when opening the form. This app can be used on iPhone, iPad, or iPod, but requires iOS12.0 or later to do so.

This app lock contains 16 local languages other than English.

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4. Password manager

It is one of the best app locker for iPhones in the security arena and has over 10 million active users. To increase security, we offer you a special type of very secure password based on very sophisticated technology. Moreover, this app makes your data more secure by backing up your data. This security app is available for iPhone and iPad or iPod touch, but requires iOS10.0 or later. we received 10 different offers to buy this app

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5. Secret Photos Vault

Top 10 best app locker for iPhone

This application can protect or hide many items and data on your device. In this case, it provides a special function. This means that you can manage files and folders without keeping or hiding your data. It only supports English. Due to the small size of the app, only 14MB is required for installation. Easy to use on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, but requires iOS10.0 or higher. You can purchase this pro version through an inbuilt purchase discount.

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6. Secret App photo lock

It is the best app locker for iPhone in the privacy category of AppStore. It acts as a solid wall to protect the data stored on your iOS device. This application can be run very comfortably on iPhone, iPad iPod touch with iOS 9.0 or higher. It is available in 8 different regional languages other than English. Offers 9 in-app purchases at different prices.

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7. Safe Lock-Hide Secret Photos

It is one of the most popular app lockers for iPhone and allows you to hide photos, videos, and data using different channels. This way, you can import and export all cloud storage. It has a unique feature that allows you to click on the photo of an intruder to identify the intruder and secure your data.

This app offers 14 other local languages besides English. It can be used with iOS 9.0 or later versions of iPhone and iPad iPod touch. It offers a fully paid service.

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8. Secret folder app lock

This applies to Android and iOS. It is one of the most popular apps and apps on the Android platform. With these tips, you can protect your photos, videos, files, and all kinds of other data. Not only does it offer security, but it allows you to organize folders or files.

This app also provides the convenience of saving from time to time. Requires iOS10.0 or higher to use. In this case, support is only available in English. Make sure you go to the pro version to enjoy all the features of this app lock

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9. Password safe manager app – iPhone app lock

Password safe Manager app keeps all your credentials, notes, addresses, and details safe. All you have to do in this case is to save your data, lock the password pattern or fingerprint. The best thing about this app is that it contains English, Danish, and all other languages.

With this design method, you can use all your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. IOS9.3 or higher is required to use this application.

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10. I Protect

Top 10 best app locker for iPhone

It is also one of the most popular app lockers for iPhone and it offers a lot of features to protect your data so that you can run apps. You can use Touch ID as well as other iPhone applications.

All functions are offline, so you can easily use them without the internet. It offers the possibility to create categories, folders, subfolders, organize data, and store necessary apps, photos and videos. Save your username and password and provide quick one-click login in the future.

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All of the above app locker for iPhone allows you to hide all your data, messages, contacts, photos, videos, and other content, or lock them with a password so that other users cannot access them.

You need to use one of this app locker for your iPhone to store and access relevant financial data using your smartphone. The special thing about this app lock is that it can be used not only on the iPhone but also on the iPad or iPod touch.