Know top 10 most interesting and awesome YouTube fact

in 2005, there was a normal day. all were busy on their stuff. nobody knew that one day something will launch that will make a record. A huge, giant video server where people will earn crores and crores. it would be meaningless if would say in 2005. people would laugh at me but now in 2016, it’s happening. YouTube make a history.. it’s a record.. YouTube is amazing..
Today i am going to listing top 10 awesome YouTube fact… Please read below.

  • 1. Do you know how many users YouTube have ?

    Do you know how many users have with youtube

    Most intresting youTube fact. Youtube has more than 21 billion users.
    every 3 third use the internet in this universe.
  • 2. Do you know how much videos upload in a second on YouTube ?

    Do you know how how much videos uploading in a second on youtube
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    in youtube , every second 1 to 2 hour’s length videos being uploaded. it means that 60-100 Hours length video in a minute and 3600 hours to 6000 hours videos in hours.
    if we calculate monthly and yearly it will almost 2.6 million hours to 4 million hours monthly and 30 to 55 million hours video in a year. however, this is just an approx figure.
    video uploading matters many factors such as rasing users daily, new business, new topics comes.
  • 3. Who was founder of youtube ?

    who was founder of youtube
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    youtube was founded in 2005 by three guys “jawed Karim”,”Chad Hurley” and “steve Chen”. all three was ex-employee of PayPal
  • 4. How Google acquire YouTube ?

    Google acquire YouTube
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    Google accure youtube in november 2005 by paying $1.65 Billion
  • 5. The 1st video on youtube ?

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    YouTube 1st uploaded video was “Me at the zoo” by jawed Karim. it has crossed more than 33 million views and 2.4+ lack comments (while writing this article 15 Aug 2016).

  • 6. In youtube how many languages are available ?

     google accure YouTube
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    YouTube is available more than 76 languages and accessible in 88 countries. it served customized data output in each language and most interesting thins is more than 50% hits came from mobile devices.
  • 7. Do you know you can win free development studio at youtube ?

    who was the first uploader on YouTube
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    This is is really interestig YouTube fact
    There is a good news for popular faces. if you have 10000+ subscriber and you are 18+ then you can use development studio (it is in Los Angeles) for free.
    get more idea from here.
  • 8. Do you think that you can you watch all youtube videos in your entire life?

    you can't watch all youtube video in your entire life
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    want to watch all videos on youtube.. its Ha..ha ..ha.. moment.. you can’t watch all uploaded movies because it will take 1700 years for one person. Oh, my god. let’s assume that 1 kb become 1 gram and you have to carry this material on a truck.. how many truck want.. totally confused. 🙂
  • 9. When HD videos introduced on youtube ?

    YouTube fact In 2008 HD videos introduced on youtube
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    before 2008 HD videos was not available. even you could not upload HD video. later on, the new update comes and finally we are able to upload HD videos.
  • 10. Do you think that you can you watch all youtube videos in your entire life?

    you can't watch all youtube video in your entire life
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    Till now more than 4 billion hours of videos being watched every month and still growing.


Know top 10 most interesting and awesome YouTube fact

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