Always keep positive vibes – Raja Bhoj Story

Raja Bhoj’s Story

Always keep positive vibes - Raja Bhoj Story

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This story is real and based on psychological proof. It is said that if you are doing bad for someone then bad thing will happened with you at any point of time in life. As we think about other people, they also find that kind of thoughts in their mind for us. One Mythological story is related to that. Here we will take a brief look at an interesting story.

Once, King Raja Bhoj was in a meeting with their courtiers in his court. At that time one business man entered in Raja’s court. As Raja looked at that person he feels to take everything from him. After sometime, when that person left the court, Raja thought –   “I always justice people. How this injustice thought has entered in my mind that to take everything from that businessman today. ”
King questioned his minister. The minister said that, “I can find correct answer of that after some days”. Raja accepted minister’s proposal. Minister was witty minded. He didn’t waste his time to think about possibilities but directly reach to meet that businessman. He became good friend of that businessman and asked him, “Why are you so worried and sad? You are doing sandalwood business which is quite well earning business.”


Businessman speaks, “I am travelling in Dhara Nagari and nearby area from many days, but this time I am not finding any customer! Too much money is invested. Now I am not finding any way to come out from this loss”


After listening business man’s story minister asked, “There is no any single way to sell this sandalwood?”
Businessman speaks in jolly manner; If the king will die then my all sandalwood could be sell for their funeral and last rituals.”
Minister got the correct answer to present in front the king. Next day, minister told businessman that, you just daily send 40 KG of sandalwood as cooking wooden to us and get cash money at the delivery time. Businessman became very happy after listening minister’s offer. He starts praying for king’s ling life in his mind.
One day king was sitting in his court. One again, the same businessman visited the king’s court. That day king found very positive thoughts for that businessman and think to give him some price.
King called his minister and asked. “Minister, When this businessman came here for the first time, I have asked you something. You didn’t reply me yet. Well, Today when I have show him, I feel very change feeling for him. I don’t know why am happy with him today and even want to give him some prize!”


Minister was just waiting for this situation. Then he explained –

“Lord! I am giving both question and answer. When he visited here for the first time, then he was wishing for your death to sell his big amount of sandalwood. But now he is giving 40 KG wood daily at our palace to cook food. That is why now he is praying for your long life. That is the reason, at that time you was about to punish him and now want to give him a prize.”

Friends! The way we feel for others, the same feeling will take place in other’s mind. All situations take place around us according to our thinking and feelings. If we are good then best things will automatically attract by us and if we are bad, bad things will be attract by us. If our goal and dreams are high, definitely we will get that. World has a rule – The seeds we will saw, we will get result according to that seed. Good for good and bad for bad. And main thing is good deeds always pay off. People will get the same feeling for us as we are feeling for them. And always results good!!

Moral of the Story: Always keep positive vibes for all.