Akshat Singh Awesome Performs on Ellen Show

Akshat Singh is an 8 year old kid who performed on the Ellen show. He began his career by showcasing his talent of dance in India’s Got talent. He started his dancing since 4 years now. He practices home and in studios almost every day for 3 hours.

Image Credit-: cdn5.thr.com

He wants to prove that “Even motu can dance”. He loves eating, according to him “Agar gaadi mein petrol nahi jayega toh gaadi kaise chalega.” He has become sensation in American tv. His provocative moves, facial expressions and flexibility of this plump boy has surprised viewers.

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He made performed on Ellen riding a toy motorcycle and dressed in an Indian police outfit, imitating his idol Salman Khan, the main character in the Bollywood movie Dabangg. The chubby dancer admires bollywood actor Salman khan’s dance very much and calls himself as “Sallu bhai ka chhota bhai”. This video will show you the body rolls, handstands, complicated step movements and splits and fantastic performance of an 8 year old kid Akshat Singh.

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