About Sudhir K Gupta

Hello Friends!Myself Sudhir K Gupta, from jharkhand India. I am a MBA graduate

Currently i am not full time blogger but i believe this will be my destination. Blogging is my passion. I love to explore topics, finding new information, solutions etc. So one day i decided to not keep that information only up to me but share with world too. So, I started comedymood.com in 2016. In start, it was so tough for me but now it’s amazing. I like it. Blogging is superb.

what you will get at comedymood.com-
At comedymood.com I tried to provide as possible comedy stuff, some awesome knowledge about worlds, people, jobs, videos, awesome st ories which will fun you or motivate you. You keep in our contact so that you will get always awesome stuff in our inbox.

I would love to know about you, your culture, your place, your country. Everything which excite to world. Come and join me on
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